Riley McIntyre

What first got you into music? And who inspired you to make music?
I’ve always loved listening and singing along to music, my earliest memories of music come from family road trips when I was little where I used to sing along with my family to all the songs on the radio. Matchbox Twenty and Foo Fighters have always been huge inspirations of mine and they’ve had a massive impact on the way I perform and the styles of music I listen to and play. Another inspiration I had to make music was both my music teachers in highschool, Mr Hardy and Mrs Zande, without their support and teaching I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I currently am.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?
The thing that makes me passionate about music is the fact I’m able to connect with others and create something that people can universally enjoy. I love being able to give back to people and music is something that really enables that while also bringing joy to myself in the process.
What’s the best piece of advice another musicians ever gave you?
The best advice I’ve ever been given was that it’s never too late to try something new.

Who’s your dream musician to collaborate with and why?
My dream musician to collaborate with would of course be either Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty, or Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters

Do you write your own music?
I write my own music and have some already released as well as an album on the way soon.

Where we can find your music?
You can find my music on all platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes and anything else you can think of! My music is all released under the name Riley McIntyre, you can also find me on social media.

Instagram: @ rileymcintyre.official
Facebook: @rmcin.official