Eliminating problem tree roots

Meet Heath Wilson of Guaranteed Plumbing
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Heath has called the Fraser Coast home for over four decades. After a career as a professional athlete in the United States, playing for the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians, he returned to Australia and embraced the opportunity to learn the plumbing trade as an apprentice under his uncle, Doug Kelly. Over the last 15 years, the business has undergone a remarkable evolution; starting out as Heath Wilson Plumbing, then expanding its services to focus on delivering better outcomes for its clients, and rebranding as Guaranteed Plumbing.

Specialising in drain cleaning, underground camera inspections, general household plumbing maintenance, and their latest innovation: No More Roots – a tree root mitigation service. Drain blockages are a common problem (tree roots causing drain blockages), by using specialised equipment, they will be able to determine the cause, and your drain will be cleared as the end result.
Tree roots in drainage systems often remain undetected until a sewer blockage occurs, requiring a camera inspection to become evident. They advocate for a proactive approach to catch potential problems early. Signs to watch for include gurgling drains, slow drainage of plumbing fixtures, toilets that fill up and slowly drain after flushing, or a history of confirmed tree root issues in your system.

Enter Vaporooter – A revolutionary treatment that not only kills the tree roots in your sewer but prevents them from returning in the future. Vaporooter offers an affordable solution to this persistent problem, which until now had limited options for resolution. Guarranteed Plumbing are currently collaborating with Fraser Coast Regional Council, trialing this service on some of their assets.

They also offering complimentary quotes once they confirm that tree roots are the cause. To provide this assurance, they offer Fraser Coast residents an assessment of their drainage system to determine its suitability for chemical treatment. Currently offering assessment for just $99. (typically priced at $385)

Heaths top tips

  1. Know where your water meter is, and the location of isolation valves on fixtures including your hot water system. This knowledge can be invaluable in emergencies.
  2. Regularly check the condition of flexible hose connections for signs of rust. These connections, found on toilets and taps, are responsible for a significant portion of insurance claims when they fail.
  3. Don’t flush wet wipes or feminine hygiene products down the toilet (Even if they claim they are flushable, they will still cause blockages). Also, don’t poor oil and grease down the kitchen sink, instead poor them in a can and dispose it in the garbage.