Jay Bird

Making beautiful crystal lamps has been an unexpected event in my creative journey. For over 35 years, my creative forays have been linked to the abstract – writing stories, music and shows. Hands on creativity was something I never considered myself capable of, nor had I ever been drawn toward pursuits in these areas.

So, what happened? In 2021, a period of intense stress decimated my writing. Writer’s block moved in and wouldn’t budge for over a year. I felt like a husk without those worlds inside of me. It was a cruel blow, considering I’d just had my first book accepted for publication. Luckily, the creative energy that inhabits some of us, keeps moving. It pulls you out of dark places and into the light. I honestly believe my creativity is an external mechanism. God – the spirit – the divine energy, gives me the desire and energy to create. In turn, I receive enormous mental health benefits and bless others in the process.

Creating soul lights started with the desire to build upon the experience of grounding I received after creating a couple of sculptures from interesting pieces of wood. Sitting on the grass, in the sun and holding timber with old and clean energies, revitalised me. I revisited an idea I had once had to replicate a beautiful crystal lamp I had seen in a shop. These particular light features had been too expensive, but I really wanted one, and so, I decided I’d try and build one myself.

I learnt many new skills and the shed quickly became home to new tools, piles of wood, electrical components and gorgeous crystals and glass. The super charged spiritual blast that came as a result of working with natural elements, was addictive. Making the lights was a calming process of meditation and prayer. As a very energetic person, it pulled me into a less hectic realm and gave me a focus. From walking in the bush to find the wood; to carving and sanding in the sun; to handling the crystals; the entire process was gratifying and healing.

When I create, prayer and peaceful intentions are infused in the receptive elements I work with. Consequently, I know that each soul light has good energies attached to it and I believe my work blesses people aesthetically and spiritually.

Just recently, my words came back and I started to write again. Busy enough, I considered a life without wood, crystal and light creating, but it didn’t feel right. So, I’m going to continue to create my beautiful lights and participate in markets when I have the time. I have been honoured to make some very special pieces for people by request and had some powerful experiences that have blessed me as a result.

The world we live in, is teeming with low vibrations. More than ever, we move out of sync with our natural orbits. The post 2020 world jolted me into an uncomfortable place of understanding that negative forces are in a state of acceleration. I believe that engaging in high vibrational activities, helps counter this. Making crystal lamps, has been part of a journey of spiritual awakening for me and writing middle-grade fiction, is also another way I use my creativity to splash some joy around. I know that many other creatives out there are doing the same thing, in their own ways. It’s a calling and if you have one, you should listen to it. You never know what you’ll end up doing, but you’ll always know why.