Kimi explores multidimensional Sound Vibration Therapy

Written by Kim Harris

Sound Therapy took me on a fascinating vibrational journey beyond the mind and body.

A sound bath is a definite ‘do’ on the spiritual experience menu – it grabs your brain by the ears and takes your body along for a delightful ride.

Being a first timer on this therapeutic voyage I did not know what to expect and tried to go into my session with Lynn Liniger at “Sound Alive Therapeutics” with an open mind – understanding that relaxation would be assured, and the rest was for me to discover.

Lynn holds a Batchelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy with The (British Academy of Sound Therapy) – as a therapist Lynn explains the science of Sound Therapy and emphasises the way our bodies react to sound and the dynamic structures of cells within the body that calibrate to vibrational frequencies and flows to assist in stress reduction, depression/anxiety, learning difficulties, MS, tinnitus, arthritis and many other chronic conditions.
Sound Therapy is self- healing, the process highlighting what needs to be addressed & healed – the vibration of sound offering space, time and an energetic channel or such awareness and healing to occur within facilitated by Lynn and the various Himalayan and Crystal bowls, percussion instruments, bells, chimes and her ancient tones which are intuitively ‘played’ in a personalised orchestra as requested by our bodies personalised needs – tailor made just for you using ancient healing techniques combined with modern counselling methods.

I would describe Sound Therapy as a High-Definition sensory experience that is akin to meditation in the way that you tune into the massive influx of energetic and flowing sounds & vibrations in such a way that quickly & efficiently blocks out much of the ‘mind chatter’ or noise that take up residency in the mind during most of our daily lives.

After a brief aromatherapy hand massage, the audio experience began – My mind almost immediately transcending into a darkened tunnel with a water-coloured pastel pink, grey, white, green hued landscape beaconing beyond the corridor. I had a wolf and snake appear to accompany me on the journey as well as some people I needed to say farewell to appear in my sound healing journey – which opened opportunity to say goodbye and lead them from my energy field and life, freeing myself from the hurt in the process.

Sound Therapy highlighted to me a pain in my pelvis and the aching discomfort of my lower back, my internal organs vibrated unassumingly, the mind soared and my heart opened a little to the sounds Lynn made with her voice and instruments. The process took me on a ride which felt at times like a strange dream. I don’t know if my experience is the “norm”? But I guess it was what my body needed as a reaction to the sound and vibrations.

The sound healing session resembled totem meditations I have previously experienced when I was practising meditation intensively – I assume the sound therapy tapped into that frequency of neurology and each person would likely have an experience aligned with their own spiritual philosophies, mindset, physical & emotional experiences, and current mental state. Lynn would guide you to what you should expect and where you might journey depending on what your mind & body is adept to experience in the session.

I admit on occasions my mind did wander back into familiar territory… thinking about where I needed to go after I left the session, what groceries I had on my mental shopping list, if I should buy a cheesecake from shops or if I had enough time to make an Eton Mess dessert for dinner with our neighbours…

The to-do list, monkey mind thoughts came and percolated but then got ‘jolted out’ with the change of sound frequency which innately captivated my attention with the undeniable intensity and curiosity they demanded – accompanied by an ongoing wash of acceptance.

Acceptance that I could not determine what all the sounds were, or what instrument made them, or where the practitioner was standing around my body. It was a pleasant audio sensory overload which took place of the usual flow of thoughts and thinking patterns resulting in a dynamic and relaxing experience from a place of unknowing acceptance.

Humming, singing, drumming, moving to the beat and immersion in sound experiences like Lynn’s “Sound Alive Therapeutics ” harmony healing can tap into primal and ancient human responses which vibrate our organs, and all the bones in the human body – the cranial bones in the head are most affected by the music in a balancing way promoting health & wellbeing as well as relaxation.
The Thymus gland plays an important role in the immune system, producing T cells which are vital in reducing spread/growth of viruses whilst preventing disease and enhancing wellbeing. The thymus helps regulate energy flow through the bodies energetic system and initiating energetic improvements and realignments to balance and correct to insure vitality. Research by John Diamond shows that listening to music can instantly stimulate and raise thymus activity with positive benefits. World renowned sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman describes the seven secrets of sound healing as being everything is vibration, intent is powerful, we are all unique vibratory beings, silence is golden, our voice is the most healing instrument, there are many notes in a scale and sound can change the world. He states that ‘through understanding and utilizing these 7 secrets, we can begin to experience the enormous power of sound to heal and transform. We can begin to resonate to different frequencies and to explore the vast network of sonic modalities that can be used to create positive change for ourselves and for others’.

Children are known to be very responsive to music and sound. I am sure most parents, grandparents and caregivers know the power of sound & music: familiar song, lullabies, instruments, and musical play – to engage, calm, soothe and motivate.

I reflect on when – I established a nightly bedtime routine of playing a cd of lullabies which had a strong, steady human heartbeat back beat – the hope to soothe my baby and help him sleep well. The process was undoubtedly calming to my babies but also to me when undertaking the nighttime feeding and bedtime ritual.

Listening to the human heartbeat to help regulate our own stress response.

Sound Therapist Lynn Liniger confirms that sound therapy has a positive effect on her client’s health, offering positive results on people with stress related illnesses such as Tinnitus, mental health issues, blood pressure, the autonomic nervous system and in some cases supporting relief of symptoms of chronic illness including cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

I can confirm that I had a spiritual and therapeutic experience when sound bathing at “Sound Alive Therapeutics”, the experience was facilitated by Lynn but ultimately a process of my own mind’s ability to react and respond to vibrations – work towards healing the wounds and stressors I personally carry. The stress has returned and certainly not cured but like any healthy lifestyle change this is not a quick fix rather a process of understanding and addressing one’s needs ongoing.

I hope to have a second session and am interested to see how it varies… I tend to think that each experience would be unique as my body reacts according to its requirements and ability to undertake the clearing, healing, and growing. I think each treatment would offer relaxation but also “something” more, a learning moment, a nugget of nurturing/ self-love, the green light to allow letting go, or the cellular vibration to engage the thymus for deep cellular healing of illness.

If you are looking for a deeply therapeutic experience based on the bodies nervous and energetic system and innate primal beat within then Sound Therapy might be helpful on your soul’s journey – facilitating your own inner ability to heal, restore, manifest, and grow. We often need help moving through tough patterns, challenging people, or life experiences.

Allowing time & space to work through pain, grief, loss, or lingering emotions can be difficult to facilitate ourselves… Let Lynn and the sacred sounds help tune your mind & body energetically for optimal health and healing.

I am thrilled to be able to offer Alive Magazine Readers a special spiritual edition offering at Sound Alive Therapeutics designed to inspire your wellbeing and personal growth journey in 2023!