That floral feeling

Written by by Roxanne Spies @hey_posy

If you adore earthy tones, boho-inspired modern styling, and botanical accents, then native Australian flowers and foliage might just be what you’re looking for when it comes to home styling. From fresh and dried native flowers to statement artwork and decor, or subtle uses of colour palettes inspired by Aussie natives. There are many ways you can introduce these bold, beautiful blooms into your home.


It’s all about those earthy hues – think blush and sage, with pops of amber and pinks or reds. Amazing! Keep it neutral or go wild with colour. Either way, introducing colours inspired by our native flora is an easy way to begin when it comes to styling.


One of my favourite floral trends right now are single varieties of flowers or foliage en masse. Choose your favourite large vase and native bloom or foliage and get arranging! I love how wild the stems on these blooms can get and I let them do their thing, creating wild shapes. Even just a handful of long stems can make quite a large statement in the centre of a dining table or coffee table.

Tip: When it comes to fresh flowers, always remove all leaves from each stem that will sit below the water’s surface. This will keep the water cleaner and help your blooms last longer.

Some of my favourite fresh natives: wattle, gum, proteas, wax flower, billy buttons, grevillea, and strawflower.


Dried flower arrangements are also a popular trend right now that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Many Australian natives dry beautifully and retain a lot of their natural colour like gum, banksias, kangaroo paw and more, and can be used in statement arrangements and enjoyed for a long time in your home. Go big with a statement wall piece or bold vase arrangement or introduce smaller arrangements into guest bedrooms or sideboards for a bit of character and warmth.

Tip: Keep your dried flowers away from direct sunlight and moisture where possible and remove any dust by using a hairdryer on a cool, low setting.


Not only are these blooms stunning, but they smell as beautiful as they look. If fresh or dried flowers aren’t really your thing, you can still bring that soft Australian native flower scent into your home through high quality candles and diffusers.

I adore the ‘Australiana Collection’ by Brisbane-based brand Ivy & Wood. With scents like Bergamot and Banksia, Australian Florals, Blue Cypress and Jasmine and Wild Rosella, you’ll have visitors asking, “What smells so good?” in no time.

Tip: Hang a few stems of fresh eucalyptus over yourshower head to help you unwind! The steam and heat of the shower helps release the scent. Try it, it’s worth it! Spa treatment at home? Yes please!