Outfits to dream of

Written by Kate Manley

This exciting issue features Dreamtime. It is significant to note that this year is the 30- year anniversary of the Mabo ruling; a case that lasted 10 years. It marks 30 years since that decision saw the overturning of terra nullius – an expression claiming land was owned by no-one prior to white settlement.

In acknowledging the traditional rights of a group of Torres Straight Islanders, the court also held that native title existed for all Indigenous people. So this issue we are celebrating with three of our top dream outfits. These are separates that will take you through this season of cold weather into spring. And although we’ve put together these outfits, you might find a gap in your wardrobe for just one of these pieces. In any case, it is fun to dream about a new wardrobe so we hope you will get some inspiration from these fashion ideas

  1. Floral button-through skirt with angora blend button fron cardigan, cotton blend cropped jacket and grey pumps.
  2. Cotton blend jersey pants, angora/wool blend striped jumper, finest wool double layer scarf and webbing shoes.
  3. Permanently pleated floral skirt, cotton 3/4 sleeve top with hood, leather clutch bag and suede look shoes.