Dream Big!

Written by Kodie Axelsen @cofinancecompany

Lets face it, life is tough. I’m only 34 but my experiences to this point have taught me that you only have one life. Ask an 80-year-old what their advice would be. Once you’ve lived a life and you’re in your last quarter chances are you’d reflect on the choices you made, the times you had and the memories you created.

But what about the child, the teenager, the young adult. They don’t have the foresight of a life lived, they only have now. They have the chance and ability to dream of the life they wish to live. That’s exciting!

Creating and pursuing dreams is an endless bounty. Where you want to go in life is completely up to you. This thought is freeing. Anything is possible and I think you have to have faith to really manifest that dream into a reality. Dream, believe, create, succeed. In my experience of life so far I have observed many people. I have found that business owners are dreamers and pursuers. It’s a generalist statement but for the most part they require a certain independence and self-belief.

They have to back themselves and trust their capability to take on the risk of going it alone. When they lack the foresight they work on it. They dream of a reality they want to create for themselves and they set out to do it.

Having dreams give us hope and purpose. To make things happen you have to put a plan in place and execute.

Know where you’re going and how you propose to get there. Every step counts and even if it feels like you aren’t moving in the direction you want, every action has a reaction and therefore you are always propelling forward. To make your dreams a reality you will learn lessons along the way.

Lessons that will guide you to navigate your next move. When I think back to when I was a teenager I read so many books on investing and buying property that I came to a point where I knew all of the foundations to investing and it was now time to make a move. I always had a dream of being a property developer and through my planning and my actions my husband and I built a portfolio we’re super proud of.

Every step along that journey I levelled up. My knowledge became greater, my understanding became deeper and I got closer and closer to my goals. I then found that as my base line became higher my dreams became bigger and became more real and achievable. My confidence in myself and my ability grew because when you dream and you act, you get the satisfaction of looking back at where you started and realising how far you have come.

Dreamers are my people.
Dream big.
Aim high.

There’s no dream too big and no dream too small. I’s the belief in it that counts!