The importance of first aid

Written by De’Anne Stegert

I needed to do a first aid course and I needed to do it as soon as possible. I didn’t want to have to travel to too far to do it and I knew that this was something that in today’s climate I wouldn’t be the only person looking for this.

First aid courses and the carrying of said certificates can be beneficial when looking for employment. It is that extra feather in your cap, that one thing than a prospective employer may be looking for to enhance his safety rating for his/her insurance and to help that poor guy or girl who has been the safety officer forever and would love a break from it just for a little while.

It is such a simple thing and not only can it help with your employment prospects it may just help you to save someone’s life someday.

It only takes a day and that is with the theory paperwork and the practical all done together. You then follow up with a 4-hour CPR course and then you are qualified.

Imagine the thrill of knowing you have done something to help yourself and in turn can offer to help others – would make you feel great and then if you want to make yourself look even better and increase your prospects further, especially if you want to work in Aged Care, your can do an advanced course which applies to educators and support staff working in an education and/or care setting to respond to emergency situations.

If you need any further information about these courses, please contact All States Training whose contact information is below and I look forward to bringing you more about what can help you going forward next month.