Fonts that fight for your business

Written by Marta Hackett @The_Solutionist

Choose fronts that fight for your business. Not against it.

Often overlooked, fonts are an influential communication tool in your business. I encourage clients to choose fonts to represent their brand personality and convey the right message to attract their ideal clients. So how can you do that? Here are my top four tips for choosing fonts to fight for your small business:

Select quality

Quality fonts will have more than one style, so find a typeface that has a font family. A good font selection will have a standard, bold, and italic variation. A great font will have all that plus a condensed, bold condensed, bold italic, and more.

Go all out! When it comes to your business fonts, it’s not the time to hold back. No wishy-washy font choices anymore. It’s time to double down on your message and choose a font that visually communicates your brand personality. Are you a specialised personal trainer who helps men to bulk up? Choose a font that is bold, big, and stable. Play with square edges that come to sharp points in capitals. A Sans Serif font would be a great option! Are you a super professional Lawyer? Choose classic fonts which are minimal. Tried and true fonts like Bodoni, Garamond and Ogg are great examples of premium fonts.

Select widely available fonts

My go-to place to source quality web fonts as a designer is Google fonts. They are free and work great for print and digital. Most of their fonts are highly adjustable, and it’s easy to use these fonts on websites. This makes it so easy to protect your brand through visual consistency. If you outsource most of your graphic design needs to various businesses, you’ll want to make sure you choose fonts that everyone has access to. A great font that everyone knows and uses is Helvetica.

Pairing Selecting

Fonts that complement each other is one of my favourite things about choosing fonts for brands. Creating contrast with a serif and a sans serif font as part of your visual identity helps with the visual hierarchy and will help the reader to understand the information quicker. With a bit of knowledge, choosing fonts can be fun.

I hope that helps! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me @The_Solutionist