Written by Marta Hackett

Considering the growth throughout the Fraser Coast (inadvertently the healthy competition) is your business in need of a brand refresh? Usually less expensive, less intensive and quicker than a rebrand, it might be what you need. If you’re sitting on the fence about this investment, read on! I’ve included my top four reasons for a brand refresh:


You’re unclear who your target market is.

Major alert on this one. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, how will you attract them? Creating client demographic profiles will show you how to speak to your target market through visual storytelling. This will make building your stellar marketing strategy a breeze! Building a lovable brand starts with knowing the needs and desires of your target market and then using your brand messaging to resonate with them directly.


You’re not sure if your logo is right for you.

It pays to keep up-to-date with your visual identity. Rocking a logo from the early 90’s can communicate to your customers that you don’t have a vision or you’re out of touch with the best industry practices. A logo update shows you’re an industry pioneer and striving for growth. Springboard off your client demographic profiles to refine your visual identity. From here, it’s easy to build an unbreakable foundation to stand on throughout all your marketing efforts. You won’t pander to trends but you’ll be making decisions in alignment with your brand confidently.


You want to increase your prices.

Higher prices mean higher value and quality. Therefore, your branding should express that quality. Increasing prices puts you in a new bracket that may make your current visual identity and packaging obsolete. If you’ve recently added a new product line, increased your value/price or even changed your store location, then it could be time for a refresh!


You’re short-staffed.

A refresh has the potential to attract professional staff with great skillsets. With Australia’s current workforce shortage, there are many businesses (especially the healthcare, hospitality and tourism industries) which are lacking skilled staff. The past two years has kickstarted career changes and employees see how valuable they are. Employees want to work for businesses that have strong missions they can resonate with and ultimately rally behind. If your business is struggling to attract quality staff members, your branding might be the problem and a brand refresh might be your solution!