Creating a vision

Written by Ingrid Gorissen

Successful entrepreneurship starts with a deep passion and vision.

Other characteristics are that entrepreneurs are always on and never give up.

For our business, it started with a name …

We choose VIVERE as its meaning is Life, to Live, Lifestyle.

To Live is to Love, to love is to enjoy the life, and express the quality of life with the people we love. At VIVERE, quality life is made easier.

Our individual, innovative, and stylish design vision will bring better atmosphere in living space, create an atmosphere for life.

Vivere Homes stands for Lifestyle Design Build and our focus is creating a unique style of home, together with our customers.

Homes that are designed and built to individual lifestyle and needs. We have a strong focus on applying innovative eco building principles as it is underestimated, the impact a well-designed home can make to the inner health of people.

We are also passionate to raise awareness, show and educate the public about economically- friendly and sustainable living.

Many think this is out of their price range, but it is totally doable. Home designing starts with taking (free) natural elements like sun, shade, wind, light in consideration and a site investigation allows us to see how the block sits, and how we can use these components to their optimum advantage.

This construction is financially and ergonomically friendly; a natural through breeze can eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Custom built, innovative personalised homes are a wonderful asset to the growing community on the Fraser Coast. Living in the Fraser Coast now for 20 plus years, it is our passion but also feel it as our duty to educate, motivate and support the community in establishing, implementing, and achieving sustainability for the betterment of the region.

The world around us is changing, homebuilding, and our way of living, play an important role in this.
By looking at home layout, position, alternatives in materials, integrated energy systems, we can be eco-friendlier and more sustainable, designing and building homes that feel natural and balanced.
Healthy homes, happy lives!

Home designs should be beautiful and functional, feel good and are kind to the environment. Homes that reduce energy and running cost.

Sustainable houses that work for you, your family, or your business.

Residential buildings are responsible for more than a third of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions, yet most homeowners are unaware of the impact that their homes are having on our climate.

Given the current trend toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy, the overlap between entrepreneurship and sustainability has become a key research area.

Part of this trend is the emergence of ecopreneurial businesses.

These businesses are pioneers in using innovation to achieve sustainable growth by exploiting market opportunities.

Many homeowners have heard the common myths about green home Building being more expensive, and the materials are limited and lower quality.

On the contrary, eco-friendly design is one of the absolute best investments you can make. Building an environmentally friendly house is highly economical in the long run, paying for itself with energy savings in under a decade as well as increasing home value. But it’s not all about the money; Building an environmentally friendly house means protecting the planet while creating a healthier home for you and your family.

As the economy starts to shift towards a greener future, the building industry need to as well, so the time is now to move with the trends and to think Eco Designed homes and living so we aren’t left in the past.

For ourselves, our kids, and grandkids

Yours in Design & Passionate Eco-Preneurship,