Volunteers are in residents good books

Written by Kerrie Alexander

Housebound book worms are squirming with delight now that the Fraser Coast Libraries has restarted its book delivery program.

Following a brief hiatus last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, library volunteers will once again ignite a passion for reading by delivering books and other items to library members who are confined to their homes.

Councillor David Lewis said the service was an important initiative for Fraser Coast residents who cannot leave home and do not have family or friends to collect items from the library for them.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to provide the service to support our members’ passion for reading books and magazines, listening to audiobooks and CDs and completing jigsaw puzzles,” Cr Lewis said.

“Our volunteers do a terrific job and we’re always grateful for the time they give to help provide library services to our community.

“We hear from housebound library members they consider it an essential service and find it a comfort to hear the volunteers call out ‘hello’.

“They also enjoy opening the bags to see which new books or items have arrived on their doorstep.”
Val and Lloyd Hooper, who have been volunteering at the libraries for combined total of six years, have been pleased to get back on the road.

Mrs Hooper, a retired librarian, explained that pre-COVID, they had enjoyed choosing items for a few people and delivering them but now they were responsible purely for the delivery-side of the service and were reaching more people.

“We don’t have the same kind of relationship but it’s lovely because people are always so grateful,” she said.

In addition, the Hoopers are Justices of the Peace and volunteer at the library in that capacity on a regular basis as well.