Bucking trends to reap the benefits

Written by Ingrid Gorissen

People often tell me that I’m a creative kind of person but what does that actually mean?

Is it trusting your instincts to produce something different, exciting, and worthwhile?

Doing the same thing repeatedly but differently each time, allowing the mind to go free or daring to be different?

Is it adapting the rules to suit the situation, being creative with ideas, with situations, with people?
All this kind of creativity takes courage!

Creativity to me is innovation, thinking outside of the box, improvisation, allowing projects to grow, knowledge, being a risktaker and passion.

Here’s a few other ways that people are creative in the lives:

What does it mean to ECO Design/Built?

The rise in popularity of green building means that some notable, creative trends are emerging because homeowners, builders and designers who choose sustainable building materials and techniques are experiencing some amazing benefits.

Sustainable homes are energy-efficient, good for the environment, healthy and clean, and often totally stunning.

Creativity is needed to change from a traditional way of building to a more eco responsible approach not only in green alternatives for conventional building materials but also in looking into location and designing a home with taking natural elements as a starting point.

I would like to point out some creative tips for Building a more environmentally friendly home.

Building an environmentally friendly house is highly economical in the long run, paying for itself with energy savings in under a decade as well as increasing home value.

But it’s not all about the money! Building an environmentally friendly house means protecting the planet while creating a healthier home for you and your family.

  • Avoid West Facing construction and if you must, be creative with shading the west facing areas.
    Use Structural Insulated Panels for construction like NRG Green Board.
  • Use a good roof insulation.
  • Position the house to take advantage of wind and ventilation. The position and size of windows including skylights will influence natural light and cross ventilation. The height of verandas will affect natural heating and cooling in regards the position of the sun.
  • Ideally, we want the sun inside the house in wintertime and to be kept out in summertime.
    Select environmentally friendly materials.
  • Bring the outdoors green, inside.
  • Use energy star fixtures and appliances.
  • Orient the home to take advantage of the sun for solar energy.
  • Use a solar hot water system if you don’t have solar.
  • Use eco-friendly lighting.
  • Rainwater collection for gardens and pool.
  • Landscape with natives.

Creativity is about making change… and that’s not always as easy because it takes explaining, researching, educating and convincing.

BUT with enthusiasm and energy, that vision will make a difference in creating a healthier and happier home living as well as helping our beautiful environment.

We are only small, but every small step counts.

Every single one is important and will make a difference!

Creativity has this amazing power to give you renewed enthusiasm and energy—even in the most difficult circumstances.”