Hero interiors: connected, inviting, inspirational

Written by Ingrid Gorissen

A Hero in Design could be you, if you dare to follow your instincts and inspiration.

Not necessarily following a trend but looking at you! Who are you and how do you like
others to see and feel you?

Your likes, needs and your family lifestyle…

I love it when people are able to tell their story through their homes. It can be a colour story, a travel or cultural show, a food and wine journey, statements in shapes and forms, creating spaces that tell a story, your story.

Sometimes you just need the guidance to bring it all together so balance and harmony will merge, and it
will unlock a home’s full potential, aesthetically and practically.

When building and/or designing your home or rooms to renovate, your working relationship with your designer is critical.

Over-involvement can limit the designer’s ability to deliver the best solutions.

Under-involvement can give you a home that doesn’t satisfactorily meet your brief. Just know that most
designers are perfectionists, so you are in good hands!

I questioned my life/career choice for a long time as my heart said, I should do something to help people and be part of creating a better world. I love beautiful things. Not necessarily in money value, but more in personal depth and connection.

Feeling good is in your surroundings, your friends, your home and connection with nature.

I know, I have found all of this in what I do. I help people to trust themselves in their design choices, by working together with them, transforming their homes into a heaven for themselves, their families and friends.

Take the kitchen as an example:

If you like cooking and/or entertaining, the kitchen has to be the hero of your home. It may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many kitchens haven’t been designed with the end user in mind.

Is yours a ‘family roast’” kind of kitchen or a luxurious show-style gallery kitchen? Do you see yourself and family cooking cupcakes and comfort food or are you more of a glam entertaining take-away person?
To design the perfect kitchen, you need to think about what you are cooking and how you like to work in your kitchen.

To design the perfect cooking space, you need to think about how, what and with whom you cook. This
determines how much space you need to pass each other, which and what size of appliances, how much
storage is required and how to arrange your floorplan.

Are butlers’ pantries really just fashionable or… as others are saying: “an ever-wanted essential space for storage, food prep and storage of kitchen serving items”?

Butlers pantries will take up space and are you willing to give up these square meters to the ‘unseen’ or do you want it to be part of the open, connected floorplan?

Hidden ‘kitchens’ might not be ideal for everyone but are for others and as space cost money, it again depends on you and your style of home living.

Hero design is about seeing the big picture as much as looking at the details. For me, a good design needs to be connected, inviting, inspirational and working with our beautiful climate in mind.

“Home is where the heart is and just follow your heart, to create YOUR Heartfelt Home”.