Recycle Hero

Written by Denis Trotman

Hero defined in the dictionary, “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character”.

Recycled defined in the dictionary, “to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse”.

Combine the two as recycle hero, and we can start to feel good about reusing items around us that can sometimes have a better use than what they were first intended for.

This months edition of the magazine sees us in the shed (bat cave) recycling drums to create high stool tables.

Oil drums or ‘juice concentrate’ drums which we purchased, can be recycled in many ways. By adding a timber top of your choice to the drum lid and “KAPOW! “ instant table.

Once you decide on what timber your going to use for the top, we were lucky enough to recycle some form ply and ply wood left over from a previous mission.

Next step is to make a circle stencil. Using a scrap piece to timer and two screws drilled in each end at 450mm apart making a 900mm diameter top. Scratching the circle as a guide to follow when using a jig saw to cut the circle out.

Sanding and rounding the top edge with a router gives it a nice finish.

By screwing further scrap pieces on the under side of the table top and fixing the lid to these, the ring latch can be attached when the lid is placed back on the drum.

A coat of paint to your liking and “BAM” pull up a stool and enjoy a Black Manhattan.

Examples can be found with our good friends at The Good Place in Stocklands and at Crafty Cargo Taphouse at The Junction on Truro.

Oil drum / Form ply / Scrap piece timber / Sander / Screws / Paint