Al Davies

Have you always been musical?
During my late teens, I committed myself to some private guitar lessons, which kick started my musical
journey, meeting so many like-minded people, that motivated me to write and perform music, which is a
very rewarding passion and career.

What/who are your musical influences?
Currently, the amazing technique and music of John H Clarke, and many other musicians such as: Elias,
Andrew Veivers, Rupert Boyd, and Tatyana Ryzhkova.

An important earlier influence was finger-stylist, Tommy Emmanuelle.

What/who are you listening to now?
I listen to a vast variety of music in my home, and go out when I can to see Live music around the area.
At the moment, listening to Spanish guitarist John H Clarke.

Favourite line from a song?
So, I am an Instrumentalist, writing and performing music with no lyrics. But I have a great respect for
those who do. There are so many artists out there, that can join some meaningful words together. Australian artists Paul Kelly and John Williamson have some of the best lyrics of their songs.

Do you still practise regularly?
Yes, most definitely! It is essential to practice prior to performing at a live venue. I always do what I call a
“run-through” , a run through of my Repertoire, so it is fresh for my performance. This may take an hour or
two, but is worthwhile.

Also practicing is great for your hand and eye coordination, and most importantly, for the “grey matter”,
the brain!

What instruments do you play?
I play the acoustic Classical Guitar, and have performed with the electric Guitar. Also have played
the Saxophone, ( not so good these days!..) . Have been fooling around, and experimenting with the
“Cigar box” guitar, lots of fun!

What gig would you like to have been/gone to?
Probably, would have loved to have gone to see the Eagles, The Farewell Tour in Melbourne in 2015. I grew up listening to them, their harmonies and guitar work are a great learning curve for all musicians.

If you could play any gig or venue, where would you play?
I am very fortunate to have performed at some interesting Venues, but I have a passion to perform
at an amphitheatre, that will showcase the raw and acoustic sound of the Guitar. Sidney Myer Music Bowl
(Melbourne) would be a dream. Bucket list tick!