Summer fashion fun

Written by Sotik Sahna

Each fashion column thus far, has presented a foundation – a very clear message… FASHION is supposed to be FUN!

It’s an expression of who you are as a person, where you’re at in life, it has power to communicate, power to express purpose, power to bring smiles, inspire and forge a path in your life that makes a difference!

This year alone has shocked us no doubt – as a nation; devastating bush fires, flooding, a world pandemic – division and barriers from loved ones, uncertainty in the midst of all adversity! The challenge… discovering peace from within, no matter what your circumstance speaks… choosing a perspective of JOY, FUN and having a gratitudeattitude will always get you further, making things brighter xx

One of the best ways to have FUN this summer with your fashion decisions, is to purchase MATCHING outfits! That’s right, I said it, no turning back lol you may think it sounds ridiculous but this decision truly holds the magic this Christmas summer season.

This is the greatest year yet, I’ve witnessed locally – being able to purchase matching outfits as a family; mother and daughter, father and son, best friends, work colleagues – whatever your choice of combo this summer, I DARE YOU to take the plunge, live a little, cause yourself and others to smile and BUY UP on matching outfits, fashion pieces this summer!

One of the BEST families I know, truly lead by example with this #fashionbreakdown #matchingsummerfashionfun is Andy, Micky, Hugo and Tilly (in the photos) xx

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