Psychics and mediums – how do they know what they know?

Written by Michelle Robinson

Have you ever had an intuitive reading with a psychic or a medium? If so, were you surprised by how much they understood about you and your life, even if you had never met them before?

This month I’m discussing the difference between a psychic and a medium, as well as how they receive their information – in other words, how they ‘do what they do’.

Did you know that a psychic (sometimes called a clairvoyant) is not necessarily a medium?

A psychic uses their heightened intuition to tune into your personality and your life. They receive clues through sensing your feelings, seeing images, hearing words or songs, ‘just knowing’ and perhaps even tasting or smelling something relevant to you. Most psychics work with their strongest spiritual senses. For example, one psychic may feel and see relevant information, while another may predominantly hear and know things. The focus of the reading is on your life and any questions you may have about issues such as work, relationships, family, travel, general wellbeing and finances.

Much of the information a psychic receives comes from your energy field, which is also known as your aura. The aura is like a library of your life. It stores your thoughts, feelings, memories of events, hopes, desires and fears. Spiritual information such as soul lessons or past lives can also be read in the aura by talented psychics. Psychics are helped by their spiritual guides so that you receive the most helpful reading possible.

In contrast to a psychic, a medium receives their information directly from persons in the spirit world. A medium should be able to provide you with credible evidence of life after death. Ideally, a medium’s evidence allows you to clearly identify the spirit communicator. The medium may share information about the spirit person’s relationship to you, their personality and memories of the spirit person’s life that you can validate. There may also be a meaningful personal message for you that helps you to heal from grief or face current problems.

Like psychics, mediums receive their information through heightened senses of feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing, tasting and smelling. All mediums are psychics, but not every psychic is a medium, since not every psychic can bring evidence from the spirit world. If you really want to hear from a loved one in spirit during a reading, it is best to check that your reader has that ability when you book.

A good reading is one in which the evidence is relevant, accurate and helpful. Never make life decisions based on the information from any spiritual reader. You must always make your own decisions and be responsible for the outcomes. An ethical reader will not tell you what to do and will never give information that would cause you distress or harm. Remember also that many events in the future change with our free will.

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