Dirt N Diesel

How did you meet and decide to make music together?

We all met at a local pub in Maryborough where Ryan, Paul and Kai were playing at the time. It was there that we came together as a band and saw the need for country rock in the wide bay area. Since then, we’ve been playing for ten months.

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

We came up with a variety of names to start but we wanted a name that was ‘in your face’ and ‘memorable’ that suited our high energy shows.

What other artists or bands do you draw inspiration from?

The obvious one would be Luke Combs but there are many others who are up there on the charts who we get inspiration from as well.

Do you write your own songs and where can people find your music?

We perform two of our own songs currently and have got a few to add as time goes on. At the moment we’re working on that. Very soon we’ll be dropping our first album on all streaming platforms.