The challenge

Written by Celine Louie

Who are you?

In a world where your social media profile knows more about your next move than you do. In a world filled with advertising at every turn- telling you what you should look like, think like, act like. Are you really who you think you are?

Where are you in this moment? Are you here in your body reading this article, or are you where your mind has travelled, re-living the past or pondering the future? Come back for a moment, please.
This world is designed to shape us and distract us, but our breath is all we need to come back into ourselves. Close your eyes, take a slow, deep breath in and out, and feel the tug as your body pulls your mind back to the essence of you, feel the stillness, feel who you are without all of the pushing and pulling of the external world. Its nice right here, isn’t it? This IS you. You are home.

The power we hold in living our best life is in knowing who we really are. Experiencing each moment standing firmly in our truth, knowing that our actions can have far-reaching consequences, and whilst the sound of our words may only last a moment, the effects they have can last a life time.
Imagine a world where every single person looked out for one another. A world where all care was taken to preserve the land we live on. It would be nice wouldn’t it?

Consider that feeling you get when you spend time around fellow loving human beings. The love they emanate is contagious; it seeps out and swallows all of those they come into contact with. It’s impossible to ignore, and it’s hard not to want more.

So it is up to us to be those that spread the love and kindness, to allow our good intentions to sweep out over the world and fill others with the same positive intentions. Filling this world with a light so bright that only a few remaining shadows may be left.

We are at a point in our evolution where the power of our minds can change a situation in an instant. We have the power to create a beautiful world like nothing we have ever experienced. It is up to us to step up and take on the challenge to be better humans, to try that little bit harder, to shine a little brighter, to love a little deeper, and to forgive a little more.

We are the change makers, the way-showers, and we are all here with a deeper purpose- are you ready to rise up to the challenge to be the best version of you?

Let’s start by trying that right NOW.