Harnessing the power of healing energy

Written by Alison Dunlop

With all the buzz about holistic health and well-being, people are now increasingly turning to alternative therapies that focus on the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Alison, owner and practitioner of Alison Dunlop Kinesiology is a big believer in using the holistic approach to promote body wellness and happiness.

Based in Maryborough, she is passionate about providing people with strategies and support to make positive change in their lives, through her sessions.

With this desire, she was spiritually called to channel and create a range of Essences which have evolved into Ascentian Healing Vibrational Essences.

Ascentian Essences are a form of vibrational or energetic medicine, that gently focus on your healing journey. Alison, offers a unique range of spritzers and personal rollers, which are lovingly hand created through a divinely ritualistic process.

Ascentian spritzers are more than just essential oils!

These whole soul essences with their subtle aromas, create a serene environment infused with the healing frequencies of crystals, pure essential oils, bush flower essences, herbs, the divine and the universal frequencies of love.

How do these Essences Help?

When our energy becomes imbalanced due to stress, trauma, or negative emotions, it can manifest as physical illness or emotional distress. Ascentian Essences offer a gentle yet powerful means to restore harmony and facilitate healing on multiple levels, as well as raise our feel-good vibrations!
As well as high frequency of these essences assisting emotional wellbeing, they also assist in nurturing spiritual growth by helping to deepen your connection with inner self, intuition and the spiritual self.

Introducing the Ascentian Collection

The Sense of Freedom spritzer offers a liberating blend that helps you release limitations and embrace your authentic self. Allow your true self to shine.

Feel alive with the scent of spearmint!

Sense of Soul Goddess is designed to reconnect you with your inner divine feminine energy, empowering your soul. This roller brings feelings of empowerment, confidence, and intuition. Feel embraced with beautiful floral scents.

Sense of Infinite Peace provides a soothing sanctuary for your mind, body, and spirit. For those searching for a sense of connection, acceptance, and blissful inner peace.

Jasmine tones with a cinnamon feel.

Sense of Belonging nurtures a feeling of unity and oneness. Heal your heart with frequencies of forgiveness, contentment and worthiness. Earthy and grounding.

Sense of Inner Child helps you rediscover the joy and innocence of your innermost self. Reclaim your spirit and sense of adventure without guilt or fear.

This fun little roller has citrus and peppermint tones.

Sense of Sacred Protection creates a shield of positive energy, guarding you against negativity and promoting spiritual well-being. This one is a “holy” essence to cleanse, protect and feel. Holy and sacred earthy scents.

Added Bonus

Upon purchase, each Ascentian Essense is personally attuned and blessed for the buyer by Alison.
Experience the transformative power of the Ascentian healing range and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Purchase Details

Ascentian Healing Vibrational Essences are available Instore or via website online store
website: alisondunlopkinesiology.com.au email: alison@alisondunlopkinesiology.com.au

For advice on the most suitable Ascentian Healing Vibrational Essence for you, or Bookings please contact via Alison via website. (Face to face or zoom sessions available)

We are confident that the Ascentian Collection will bring serenity, balance, and renewed vitality to your life.