Could you be an Empath?

Written by Michelle Robinson

The spiritual theme this month excites me, as spirituality is the field I’ve been working and teaching in for more than thirty years.

There’s no doubt that since the 1980s, soul-awareness, belief in life after death, energy chanelling, such as Reiki, and trust in our intuition have become more mainstream. I realise these concepts don’t fit everyone’s belief systems. It’s important we each hold true to what feels right for us. However, while my offering a psychic development meditation circle caused people to raise their eyes at me thirty years ago, there’s little reaction today.

At the moment, many individuals are yearning to understand what’s happening to them. They ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ things, only to discover that their impressions were spot on. They don’t know how they knew what they knew, and yet somehow, they did.

Perhaps they sensed a particular friend was in trouble, and this turned out to be correct. Perhaps they sensed an unsettling atmosphere in a room and just had to leave. Perhaps someone called just as they were thinking of that person, or they felt someone’s emotions as if these emotions were their own. The list of examples is endless, but in each case, intuition was at work. Their psychic senses worked like a satellite dish that picked up and accurately interpreted the energy of the situation.
An empath is someone whose senses are so finely tuned that they feel what many others do not – energies relating to people, animals, the environment around them, even nature. Empaths don’t need to try to do this. It is likely a gift that they have had for a long time.

If you can feel what someone else is feeling, without them sharing through word or their body language, then you could be an empath.

If you are an empath, you probably find crowded, noisy environments overwhelming. Large shopping centres with bright lights and music may confuse and exhaust you. You may need to spend time in nature just to recharge from the stress of daily life, and you may find certain news- stories too painful to watch or hear.

You’ll also be a great listener, because you’ll really hear what people are saying to you and will have a deeper understanding of their issues. These intuitive gifts are wonderful, but they come with some risks.

Burnout is a problem. If you sense what others are feeling, remember not to take on their issues as your own. This is a real risk because you unconsciously want to help, but another person’s problems are not your responsibility. Allow them the privilege of meeting their own challenges. Support them, but do not lead. It’s also very important not to ‘read’ others all the time. They have a right to their privacy, and even if you can sense personal information, ask yourself if it is ethical to do so. Would you like someone else to do the same to you?

I’d love to write more about this, but my word-limit is up. If you are interested in a Zoom course in developing your intuitive gifts, please email me: If I have the numbers, I am happy to offer another program.

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