Body, Soul and Spirit

Written by Kate Manley

We are created body (the physical), soul (the mind, will and emotions) and spirit (matters of the heart) with a free choice as to the path in life we follow.

In his book, ‘The case for Christ’, Lee Strobel describes his journey of faith, finding that the Son of God is indeed ‘the way, the truth and the life’. For him, it became clear that in the perilous times of chaos, confusion and deception that is so prevalent in the world today, there can be found a place of peace and answers to the most searching questions.

While he understands that this new found belief is foolishness to those who are perishing, he acknowledges that many people are looking for wisdom but never come to a full knowledge of the truth, which is spiritually discerned.

Hal Lindsey begins each of his broadcasts with this: ‘When anyone, anywhere, responds to this knowledge by having a desire to know this God, God will move heaven and earth to get the message to him.’

So this month we have especially chosen white linen and cotton pieces from our collections of Italian fashion… white traditionally symbolises purity, respect and reverence.

  1. White self-stripe cotton pants with broderie cuffs teamed with one button linen shirt.
  2. Relaxed linen cargo pants, sleeveless linen/cotton singlet and classic vneck pullover.
  3. Linen Bermuda shorts with broderie cuffs, heart tee shirt and fine knit cardigan.
  4. Cotton broderie shirt dress with fully lined skirt and roll-up sleeves.
  5. Linen midi-dress with roll-up sleeves and deep front pockets.
  6. Pure silk blend fully lined dress featuring lace sleeves and panels.