August 2023 inspiration

Written by Alison Dunlop

This month, I want you to feel strong and determined! I remind you to focus on your strengths, and the direction you are moving in. Let go of fear, drama and any other stuff that gets in your way.
Say after me: I am strong and determined. I move beyond all limitations. I flow freely and effortlessly forward.

Capricorn Dec 22 -Jan 19

Capricorn, you are traveling a well worn road, but this month’s card indicates that you may have to make a decision about which path to This can be hard, especially when you don’t really know which choice is best..I feel, either way will be beneficial, there is no right or wrong here.

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

What a big heart you have, and it has been hurt. This month Aquarius, I feel, it is the right time to piece together and heal life’s past traumas. Keeping yourself in hurt or grief does not allow you to move forward towards a positive future. Remember, go easy on yourself, it is one step at a time, so be patient, forgive yourself, and know bit by bit you can put the pieces together again.

Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20

Are you being kind to yourself, Pisces? I get the feeling, you often look after others before yourself. August is the month to start a little self care. Remember, you too are important! Forgiveness is also highlighted this month, so begin with yourself. Treat yourself to a massage or pedicure. Enjoy!

Aries Mar 21 – April 19

Things tell me you are a little entangled at the moment.. Perhaps, you lack direction, are feeling stagnant, and feeling unsure as to which path to take. Time to surrender and put complete trust in the Universe. Keep an eye out for signs, as they will be little hints from the universe that you are on track.. She is guiding you, keeping you in good hands.

Taurus April 20 – May 20

You are absolutely shining this month, Taurus. Be like a movie star, strutting the red carpet, because all the stars are aligning for you. You had better believe it, because I see wheels turning in a positive direction. Shine on!

Gemini May 21 – June 20

Finances are highlighted this month, in a great way, Gemini. Perhaps you are in line for a hefty tax return, or I see there is a collection of some kind. Either way, you are on point with abundance on all levels. There is also a focus on treasure. Mmm, do you need to treasure something?

Cancer June 21- July 22

Why the heavy head Cancer? All I see is worry raining down on you. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, just stop! Could you benefit from a mindset adjustment? Your thoughts and mood are manifesting on subtle levels determining your future. So keep your thoughts positive, practice mindfulness, have fun, and just breathe. You have got this.

Leo July 23 – Aug 22

What has got you fired up Leo? You are certainly worked up about something. Unclench your fists, and relax your shoulders, and hold your forehead with the palm of one of your hands.. This will allow for logical clear thought, and decision making. Is it time for a refresh on your point of view?

Virgo Aug 23 – Sept 22

I declare there are good changes, and new projects afoot this month. Congratulations, you have cracked it, but remember to keep looking forward, and not looking back. I believe you have earned this new chapter in your story book. Get egg-cited!

Libra Sept – 23 – Oct 23

Libra, there is a great opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and show your true colours. Be honest with yourself, if there were no limitations, what sort of life would you paint for yourself? Start thinking about it, because an opportunity just may come your way.

Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 21

It is important that you take note of communication this month. Check in on your communication skills Scorpio. Are you missing something because you are not listening, or conversing properly?
Also, there could be some important news coming via email or text. Good luck!

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

You are a wary one Sagittarius. It is time to kick these trust issues to the curb, once and for all. An opportunity is indicated to come your way, and it is important to not let past issues of hurt and betrayal cloud your judgement, otherwise you could miss something really good. Think wisely before you act. You have got this!