A messenger between worlds

Written by Kerrie Alexander

If you’re perception of a brilliant psychic is a wild-haired lady in a caftan holding a crystal ball, you clearly haven’t met Katy-K.

The highly sort after psychic, tutor, author and Modern Oracle Decks creator is a fun-loving everyday woman who loves to travel and spend quality time with her family.

Hence the name the “Modern Oracle”.

The only difference between a regular person and Katy-K is her unique physic abilities that she had used to help heal her clients over the past 30 years.

She’s not a wishy-washy clairvoyant that reads people’s minds in the lineup of the Woolworths checkout or become the entertainment at get togethers.

“I don’t walk around looking at people and wondering what’s going on in their head,” Katy-K said.
“It’s like going through someone’s underwear draw and finding things you’re not meant to find. You don’t do that.

“It’s funny, if I go to a party and someone says “Katy is physic”, all the cheating husbands would disappear really quickly and you knew something was up,” she said with a laugh.

“But you never become the party trick or be friends with people who just want to pick your brain. I teach my students that.”

The Hervey Bay resident has built a solid foundation of trust with thousands of loyal clients around the world including many well-known celebrities.

She was born into a world of spirituality with her mother predicting the future in her dreams, her grandmother read tea leaves and palms and her grandfather – who she didn’t know about until her 40s and unfortunately never met – was a working medium from a family of seven who were all members of a spiritualist church.

She is a self-confessed sceptic but just knew from a young age that she had the ability to use energy to connect with others and feel “their aches and pains” but never revealed her gifts or harnessed them until about 30 years ago.

Not even her husband was aware that when “on” and connected with the spirit world she could predict danger on the highway ahead or that the camera wasn’t working to film a jump off a New Zealand mountain, even though the guide was adamant it was working.

She even the predicted the exact time her granddaughter was being born.

Now that he knows, it all makes sense.

“That inner sceptic is always there,” Katy-K said.

“In my second book I wrote about imposter syndrome because I don’t think there’s anyone that hasn’t felt that.

“Things that aren’t tangible like the spiritual world; you can’t touch it or pick it up.

“It’s like a Tupperware party. You can invite everyone, but you never know who is going to turn up.
“Prior to everyone knowing I would just say what I knew in conversation to make it sound like they had already discussed it with me.”

That “knowing” was just too strong to ignore so the decision was made in 2005 to except and harness the gift through tutelage at the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship.

Katy-K travelled to England sometimes twice a year from then on to study, until Covid hit.

She recalls one session in the heritage-listed building with solid sound-proof doors, when the tutor would send one student out of the class room while another student would sit down for a brief moment in a chair.

It was then her turn to come back into the room, sit on that very same chair and connect to the person that was sitting in it before her and share things about their life.

“They really did test you and you didn’t know what you were capable of until you were put on the spot.

“I surprised myself because when I started going into her shoe fetish, the tutor quickly shut me down as she had sat in the chair,” she said with a laugh.

It was also through these teachings that Katy-K harnessed the power of meditation which enables her to be “on” and connected through a connection prayer.

If she’s going to work, the prayer will set her up for the day’s clients but there’s no rest in between sessions.

She doesn’t mingle with other people or take a break. When she’s on, she’s on!

However, there is never any memory of what the client has been told so when they come the next time they start from fresh.

“I went to Adelaide recently and did 22 readings in one day, 15 minutes between each one and there’s no way I can remember each one. Because I work with energy, you don’t recall a lot afterwards.

“I look it as I have 15 minutes to help sort their lives out and guide them the best I can.

“I don’t tell people what to do, I tell the people what I am feeling, hearing and seeing and it’s up to them what they do when they leave me.

“I remember one celebrity was picking up her children in a limo and life was still happening all around her and she was testing me, and I told her what I thought, and she said how did you know that? I haven’t told anyone that.

“I said I don’t know but I won’t remember this when we’re finished anyway which is reassuring to them because if you’re a celebrity you want to trust that you can talk to someone without it becoming front page news!”

When it’s time to finish, Katy-K winds down and switches her mind off. She only connects if it’s time for work.

“I am not on, in the energy, all the time. It’s like leaving the gas stove on all the time… the gas just keeps flowing out. That would be exhausting!”

Katy-K is no stranger to the stage but always warns her guests that her shows aren’t an episode of Jerry Springer.

“I always say to the crowd, don’t ask me things that are going to embarrass you. Don’t ask me when your grandmothers going to die or what the lotto numbers are!

“You must be discreet. The spirit world isn’t going to work with you if you’re someone that is going to go off blabbing about someone’s life all the time. I totally believe that.”

The same belief goes for those sceptics who do not believe but want to just turn up to a reading for a laugh.

“It’s like anything there are a lot of sceptics out there and I would rather not see a sceptic as they will negate what you say anyway.

“Don’t come to me if you don’t believe. Usually, the only time that happens is if someone had bought them gift and they will try and discredit everything I say.

“I don’t want to see them; they are wasting my time.”

She said her connection is only as good as the person letting her in.

“If they have walls up it only makes it harder.

“I can pick up people’s back aches, but I can’t tell them why it’s achy.

“I might see what’s coming up if they’re going on a trip and I’ll say that. I will have the place written on paper if I can connect to them.

“I might see some job changes and I will be specific with that change.”

The award-winning psychics learning and teaching journey is well documented in her two books including The Modern Oracle Book – How to tap into your unique psychic powers and The Modern Oracle book – Becoming more Psychic.

With many real-life examples from her own unique story and learnings, this book will inspire and encourage you to identify and develop your own unique gifts and provide guidance for every step of your journey.

She also created The Modern Oracle and The Modern Oracle Essential Oils card decks to assist other psychics to do readings.

These cards are proudly shown alongside Alison Dunlop’s Inspiration column in Alive Magazine each month.

“The Oracle Deck is a tool and different to Tarot which consists of 78 cards and follows a very strict format.

“Oracle decks can have any number of cards to use as a way of divination.

“It’s a tool like a crystal ball or pendulum. It’s a way of focusing to receive more information and guidance.”

The Modern Oracle Cards for Guidance can also be used for free on The Katy-K Spiritual Advancement Academy website.

“What I do is healing; helping people to move forward and take the step to understand what they’re going through and sort their lives out and get clarity.

“What they do with that information is up to them.”

Visit Katy-K.com to find out more or email ktkacdemy@gmail.com.