Multicultural mix

Written by Kate Manley

Fraser Coast population stands at 115,000, an increase of 35,000 in just the last 15 years.
In this vibrant region you will find an interesting mix of ancestry; in the main, English and Australian, then Scottish, Irish, German, Indigenous Australian, Italian, Dutch, Indian, Filipino and Kiwis.

Each of these cultures and backgrounds bring a rich heritage which they pass on through creative ventures such as multicultural clubs, restaurants, events and of course fashion.

Whilst fashion trends are largely influenced by the catwalks of Europe, in Hervey Bay local Queensland designers are showcased in most upmarket stores; earrings to full clothing ranges. This creativity is an exciting development as buyers are keen to know how and where products are sourced.

This month, we have a range of ethnic influenced fashions selected from our collections designed and made in Italy. These garments stand out because of the textures of the fabrics as well as obvious print designs. In addition, some stunning vintage jewellery pieces from Morocco.

  1. Striped 100% cotton textured shirt with gathered sleeves.
  2. Linen and cotton Boho ethnic stripe jacket with hood.
  3. 100% cotton African print maxi-dress with webbing belt.
  4. Butterfly sleeved maxi-dress in fine cotton striped textured fabric.
  5. 4 x vintage Moroccan necklaces and 4 x vintage earrings, also from Morocco.