Getting Winter skin ready!

Written by Kirsty Chenery

The temperature has dropped, and just like that, your skin starts to feel and look dry, flaky, dehydrated, or all of the above.

Here are some of Mineral Earth’s top tips for keeping on top of those irritating skin conditions in these cooler months.

Hot showers are the best (I love them), but don’t be surprised when your skin starts to feel tight and itchy. If it does, it’s a massive indicator that your skin is screaming for hydration. Try sticking to warm showers instead of scalding hot, and keep up the body moisturiser.

Supporting the skins barrier in the cooler months is extremely important. Look out for products which contain ingredients like ceramides, fatty acids and vitamin E. These ingredients support your skin’s barrier to make sure it stays hydrated.

Changing your cleanser to an oil. I know some people (particularly those with oil type skin) don’t like the idea of using anything with the name ‘oil’ in it, but if you think about dryness and dehydration: dehydration is a lack of water; dryness is a lack of oil, it makes sense. We recommend Medik8’s lipid balance cleansing oil (it also smells divine!)

Overnight hydrating masks are our go to product at Mineral Earth. They act as a barrier to prevent water loss and make your skin feel super soft and hydrated by morning. Apply a thick layer and leave it on overnight. We particularly love Medik8’s H20 leave on mask.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on winter skin care, just make a few changes and additions, and you will keep your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.