Fabulous fashion craftspeople

Written by Kate Manley

Of all the crafts, dressmaking is perhaps the most intimidating of all!

Not only does it involve a reasonably high level of skill, there’s machinery, fabrics, patterns and design prowess to consider. From just hemming say, a straightforward garment such as a scarf, to the most intricately embroidered and details dress; it’s astonishing just what an accomplished and proficient seamstress can produce!

So this month we are emphasising these extraordinarily talented individuals who have fabricated the exquisitely beautiful pure silk garments featured on these pages.

And, in-point-of-fact, pure silk, in itself, is such a wonderful, soft, lightweight, shimmering, luxurious textile. Incredibly, a filament, which is then woven into the silk fabric we enjoy today.

We hope by having an awareness of such intricacies you will have a new appreciation for the talented craftspeople who are globally involved in the fashion industry.

  1. Pure silk tunic featuring grey watercolour pattern and lace trimmed sleeves. With mixed metal in silver, longer length necklace.
  2. Two piece, forest green pure silk shirt with matching cami. With boho string & tortoiseshell, mid-length necklace.
  3. Pale pink, pure silk dress featuring sequinned v-neck & lace trimmed sleeves. With Natural, plaited wood, short length necklace.
  4. Grey white watercolour dress with embroidery overlay, woven into the pure silk. With Freshwater pearls with dragonfly necklace.
  5. Pale pink pure silk 3/4 sleeve top with sequin and beige embroidery. With Handmade star/tassel, adjustable necklace.
  6. Pale pink, gratuated to grey pure silk with stretch jersey hip band. With Silver balls, mixed metal, short length necklace.