Freedom to Be You

Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to Life Chat.

The theme of ‘Freedom’ this month strikes a chord of resonance within me. My own experiences have shown that a person can feel trapped in life, even when living in a freedom-loving country like Australia. When love is offered to us only on the condition we please someone else and change who we are to appease them, then relationships feel like a prison. That was my experience, anyway, during a tough previous marriage.

Almost twenty years after entering this relationship, I left. I left a very comfortable four-bedroomed brick home, with rumpus room and double garage. This was the first new home I had ever lived in.
I left the furniture and other joint belongings behind, moving into a small ex-housing commission rental property whose was toilet situated in the only bathroom and whose laundry was accessed through the main bedroom. There was also an open dilapidated carport. I bought a 2-seater couch from St Vinnies (no way a 3-seater would fit) and the bits and pieces the kids and I needed to be comfortable.

I can’t describe the incredible sense of freedom on the very first afternoon I was in this little home. It was like I could breathe at last.

The best thing, from my point of view, was that the entire interior was painted a bright, cheery yellow. It spoke of promise, sunshine and new beginnings. About dusk on that same day, I stepped into the front yard to get some fresh air. Among the tangle of prickles that was once a garden bed, one sunflower raised its head to the sky as if saying, “Don’t give up! You can do it!” I was so happy to see it that I cried.

It’s the small things that touch our hearts, isn’t it?

No matter what’s happening for you, I pray that you revel in the freedom to be just ‘you’. Let’s face it – no-one else can do it. That gift was given to you, alone.

I’m afraid I may have swung the pendulum a little too far towards my quirky side by buying a cat- clock that meowed on the hour, a Christmas star that hung above the kitchen table all year round, and so many crystals there was barely a surface available for anything else… but I was happy in my own skin at last.

From that point on, I was inspired to complete qualifications in counselling, hypnotherapy and ministry. I travelled to England several times, studying at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, to study soul journeying, energy healing, trance mediumship and intuitive gifts. My life opened in wonderful and mysterious ways. I truly believe that when we allow ourselves to be who we know we are, our life-path is all the richer. Our souls communicate through our intuition and we feel more confident within.

If you would like to join me in a 6 week, weekly Zoom program to explore your connections to your spiritual guidance and intuitive gifts, please email me at I plan to begin this program in early May.

Wishing you the space, courage and freedom to be you and true only to you.

See you next month.

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