Freedom of choice

Written by Kate Manley

As fashion style is no longer restricted by age or income, great freedom comes in creating an image that reflects your individual personality and lifestyle.

Whether that is a classic wardrobe of monotone, minimalist colours or a wild assortment of colours and patterns, your fashion statement should be whatever makes you happy.

With more women able to work from home, a more comfortable and relaxed casual form of dressing has morphed into the norm.

Loungewear is now the new daywear.

As the quote from Chanel states: ‘Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.’ So enjoy the freedom to choose to wear whatever you want and then carry it off with confidence and conviction.

This month we have put together some fun outfits, we hope you can adapt some of these to suit your fashion self expression.

  • Boho 100% cotton separates, shirt and skirt in forest green stripe with wooden necklace
  • Patchwork gauzy shirt teamed with black cami, stretch pants and belt with large natural necklace
  • Turquoise linen dress and multi-colour wrap scarf, accessories: layered metal & bead necklaces
  • Black stretch long shorts with striped tie-front worn under a sleeveless 100% cotton knit with hood
  • Maxi-dress in 100% cotton floral design, rust tie belt and layer jewellery from fresh-water pearls