IWD 2023 – Kristy Wright

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to me?

International Women’s Day to me is a day to celebrate the success of those who have come before us who were the driving force of change, along with continuing the discussion on issues facing women today. Women have fought and continue to fight to establish their identity and worth in a fast changing world.

Q: How did I start and what are the highlights of my career?

I have never taken the easy road, 14 years ago I saw an opportunity to do things differently and I went for it. I have a tendency to act on my instincts and quite quickly. This has served me well but has also led to some unnecessary mistakes. My biggest highlight for me is that no matter what challenges come my way, I face it head on and work my way through it.

Q: How can we encourage future women leaders?

We need to lead from the front, by advocating for women today we lessen the bias and create better opportunities for the next generation.

Q: What does an equal future world look like?

An equal future would be equal opportunities for women within the workforce and where women’s attributes & skills are viewed as assets and not a weakness. The next biggest challenge will be to create more opportunities for women in leadership positions and abolish the gender pay gap.

We must remove the excuse of women not being paid equally because she did not “hustle” or make demands for higher wages- if we have the same qualifications and are performing the same position we should not have to “ask” for it- it must be a given!