IWD 2023 – Kirsty Chenery

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to me?

For me, International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate females from all parts of life, cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. It is a chance to reflect on how far we have come and look to the future at how we can still improve equality between genders.

Q: How did I start and what are the highlights of my career?

I started studying at the Australasian college of natural Therapies in 2003 and have worked in the beauty industry in different fields since then. The highlight of my career was completing my Associate Degree in Dermal Science. It has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, my business and the ability to broaden the treatments I am able to offer to help people with all types of skin conditions.

Q: How can we encourage future women leaders?

I believe encouraging future women leaders starts with both women and men supporting women in the workforce. Finding good mentors. Female leaders offering support and guidance, instead of competing with each other, collaborate and share your knowledge.

Q: What does an equal future world look like?

An equal future world for me would be where women and girls would have the freedom and choice to work, marry, study, speak up and live their lives without the threat of violence and harassment. A world where women are equally represented in positions of power and have the ability to have a say in arenas where decision making is affecting their lives.