IWD 2023 – Grace Mears

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to me?

Celebrating different women’s achievements around the world. Celebrating who they are, where they came from, sharing their cultures, their dreams and successes. Their freedom and their contributions to society. Embracing diversity and coming together to acknowledge women’s success in a variety of fields and careers. Working on our future for our children, for our sisters, but also acknowledging the culture and beliefs we have to pass onto the future generations, so they still have a strong connection to culture and each other.

Q: How did I start and what are the highlights of my career?

I completed my cert III in Childcare in 1998 and moved to Toowoomba and worked there for 3 years and completed my diploma in Children’s services. Then I started working in Beach Road Childcare in 2001. This is where it all started, I started as an employee until 2007, when I became a business partner. My husband and I took over the company in 2015, we managed the business for a few years and eventually relocated to Fraser Shores which is now our current premises. Since relocating, the Business grew from 66 places to 75. We are now catering form birth to 5 years and have gone from 10 to 20 employees. The highlight of my career was relocating the business to a larger premises for more opportunities and to provide care for a larger number of families.

Q: How can we encourage future women leaders?

We need to support each other and grow from there and never give up, you might come across a few obstacles along the way but if you have that will, it will happen. With enough hard work, you will get there. knowing the group of women that will support you and help and guide you through.

Believe in yourself. Its not the end of the road, it only a curve, you just have to keep going. If you have that dream, go for it, don’t let any setbacks stop you from moving forward. Listen to your intuition, it will guide you. Because the world doesn’t always want you to win, so you have to want yourself and your sisters to win, and you have to support and help each other to achieve individual success.

Q: What does an equal future world look like?

I think an equal future world would mean that everyone should have the equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and careers. Regardless of their status, gender, religious belief, culture etc. This should not stop anyone from achieving their goals. Everyone is working together and supporting each other. Society will embrace and accept everyone for who they are. There should not have any poverty, everyone should have the right to a good education. There should not be anyone suffering or starving. There should not be a limit to anyone in an equal future world.