Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to February’s Life-Chat. This month I’m diving into the subject of soulmates.

I’ve heard many people express a desire to meet their soulmate, hoping a relationship with this special person will bring lasting happiness. I know others who believe their current partner is their soulmate, because they share a bond of love that’s too deep to explain.

In this column I’m sharing my perspective on this topic, and I don’t expect you to agree with me. It’s important that you believe what is true for you.

I’m a strong believer in the spiritual purpose behind life on Earth. I also believe that with the help of the Creator and our teachers in the realms of spirit, before we are born, we negotiate with other willing souls to choose who will participate in our significant relationships. These souls become our family members, friends, partners and colleagues as we journey through our life. Likewise, we play a role in each of their lives.

After exploring my soul’s purpose for several decades in meditation and prayer, I’ve come to believe this purpose requires me to grow in love, courage, compassion and kindness. I believe expressing these qualities towards others and myself, in all circumstances, is my life’s goal. Because my soul needs practical experiences through which to learn, I’ve been gifted challenges in a range of relationships to help me.

Let’s return to the subject of soulmates.

Have you ever looked into another person’s eyes and felt you ‘know’ them, even though you are meeting them for the first time? Have you ever felt a strong pull, like an energetic connection, towards a person? It’s like you recognise them but don’t know how? Have you ever decided to enter a romantic relationship based solely on a need to get to know that person better? I have.

If any of your answers were ‘yes’, your soul may be recognising one or more souls who have promised to enter your life for a specific reason. If you have a loyal and loving relationship on Earth and in the spirit world with one particular soul, you might call them your soulmate.

Here’s where soulmates becomes a tricky subject.

Our soulmate loves us unconditionally, which means they will guide us towards the lessons we have chosen for our life. This might mean that they push us out of our comfort zone, challenge our boundaries, force us to become independent or perhaps even break our heart. They may also enter our lives for a set time and then leave, because each of us has more lessons to accomplish without them.

A soulmate does not even need to be a romantic partner. They may show up as a parent, sibling, child or friend, because that’s the role in which they can help us the most. I believe it is possible to have more than one special soul relationship and hence more than one soulmate. It’s just a term we use to attempt to explain the mystery of love.

Naturally, a soulmate can also offer a loving and deeply respectful relationship, and when that happens, our life holds a beautiful level of joy. I certainly wish that for you, but it may not be the way your soulmate is working for you this time around.

If this topic interests you, then you might reflect on significant relationships in your life to explore whether you have felt a special connection through a person’s eyes or energy. Eyes are often called the windows of the soul. Perhaps it is so.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s discussion. Until next time, have a wonderful month.

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