Care at the heart of Rally for a Cause

Recipient’s story

In March this year my husband Lennard Smith had his third open heart surgery for a life threatening aortic aneurysm which entailed removing and replacing a section of his aortic artery and replacing an existing mechanical aortic valve with a new mechanical valve. He thankfully overcame the first hurdle, surviving the surgery itself!

Unfortunately complications arose which meant longer time in ICU and longer stay in hospital. This flowed on to his condition not being as good as expected at discharge, another hospital admission at home, and longer time off work being needed due to his poor health.

We had factored in costs such as medical, accommodation in Brisbane and costs at home whilst not working so we were prepared financially. Unfortunately with the complications that arose, it meant extra costs both whilst in Brisbane and at home so we found ourselves with some financial difficulties. It was at this time that one of our friends sponsored us with rally for a cause. We initially didn’t really know what that meant but soon found out when we received a call from Amanda at rally from a cause.

We have never asked for charity and have always just worked through any struggles we’ve had. We’ve always felt that there others that need it more than us and that’s exactly what Len and I felt when we were sponsored. We were blessed receiving a generous donation which covered our mortgage costs for 6 months. Little did we know how beneficial this would be to us not only financially but also emotionally. The reduction in stress meant Len could just focus on getting better and not worry about finances. For this we are eternally grateful. Thank you all so much for helping us so much at this difficult time in our life.

With thanks
Lennard and Karey Smith