Seeing the bigger picture

Written by Kate Manley

Art can uplift, provoke, soothe, entertain and educate us. At its most profound level, it takes us from the everyday to a place of introspection and contemplation, to see the bigger picture of the human condition.

Creating a piece of art, no matter how well or badly, is a way of expressing your own unique character and personality. There is no shortage of artists in the Fraser Coast who are not only contributing to their own income, but who support local galleries, fundraising events and their community.

This month, we are showcasing the work of Ashleigh Manley. His artwork ranges from small reproduction prints, through etchings, limited edition silk screen prints as well as original watercolours and acrylic paintings. Ashleigh says, ‘Art is both a talent and a skill that can be learned.

If you were to paint say, daisies, all the time, there is no doubt you would get better at that subject.’ So what is stopping you. Get started even in a small way by carrying a sketch book around with you all the time to jot down ideas and visual inspiration.

  • Still Small Voice (Moon) – Original acrylic on canvas 140cm x 140cm. Also available at giclée 90cm x 90cm
  • Seen & Unseen – Original on canvas 132cm x 95cm
  • Strelitzia – Original watercolour 110cm x 88cm framed
  • Sitting in Bali – Original screenprint 107cm x 87cm
  • Pier & Shoreline – Screenprint 34cm x 28cm
  • Pier Lights – Original watercolour with giclée available 56cm x 47cm
  • Didgeridoo player – Screenprint 50cm x 61cm framed