Giving the gift of health to yourself

Written by Josh Hoodless

When we are young we have plenty of spare time, all of our health, but no money. When we are middle-aged we are healthy (to a degree), we have some money but we have no time. When we are retired we have all the time in the world, all the money (usually) but do we have our health?

Priorities change over the years. Having a social life, getting bogged down with careers focusing on raising a family and even making enough money to retire. Are we constantly putting ourselves last or even putting our own health and fitness on the back burner?

I’m very sorry to say but we are extremely unhealthy as a region and a nation.

Most Fraser Coast residents are overweight and over a third of us are obese. The rate of child obesity is climbing. Over 65% of admissions to Wide Bay Hospitals are due to chronic disease (99% preventable). Alcohol sales continue to increase. We miss the mark by a mile when it comes to recommended weekly exercise. We are more sedentary than ever before and most of our time is spent glued to highly addictive devices. We feel the need to be connected all of the time in only a digital way, so much so that we need to wear our phones as a watch.

Do you want to make a change to be healthy now and for the years to come?

If you’re searching the internet for answers, be ready to swim in the online sewerage that is fake or enhanced social media ‘influencers’, diet culture and the con-artists trying to take your money with fear mongering techniques, the expensive supplement pyramid schemes, the pseudoscience cherry-picking documentaries, and the list goes on!

We have an emotional attachment to our body, our food, our image and also worry about the perspectives of others. The ‘snake oil’ selling charlatan’s parading online are honing in on that emotion so that you buy, buy, buy.

The good news: there IS some gold on the internet if you know where to look. It comes in the form of people like highly recognised nutritional scientist, Alan Aragon or exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel to just name a few.

There ARE people out there in cyberspace who want to help others with the truth about nutrition and exercise. ALSO There are professionals in our community that are genuinely assisting others to be healthier, fitter and stronger. Education is the key. For those raising children, what are you teaching them about nutrition and exercise? What example are you setting? It’s too me to change your priorities now! Go to the gym, go running, play a sport, do anything but make sure you enjoy it so you can carry on with it. Spending time with your children can be active instead of group screen time on the couch. You can make low calorie nutritious food choices. That’s right, it’s all just a choice.

If you have read all the way down to this part, I’m guessing you’re thinking of making a healthy change. If you need help or unsure of what to do, we would love to help you. Get in touch if our free health seminar in January is something you would be interested in. It’s time to give to yourself, change your life and inspire others.