A woman like no m-other

Written by Kerrie Alexander

There is no doubt that most mothers and daughters share a special bond that’s unconditional.

The relationship is full of love, warmth, affection and care, and is unique and irreplaceable.

It’s unfortunately not the case for everyone but for 20-year-old Hannah Walker and her mum Tanya, it has and always will be.

Now, that very special relationship has been put down in words for the world to see after Hannah self-published her very own children’s book last month titled ‘Dear Mum, I Love You’.

The Hervey Bay resident first penned the heart-warming story as a final Year 12 assessment piece at St James Lutheran College four years ago.

Hannah’s English teacher, Ms Stewart, knew it was something special.

“I had a teacher who was amazing and for my final piece of assessment, we had to write a children’s book,” Hannah said.

“My teacher said ‘Hannah you need to publish this’. But I was only 16 at the time so how was I going to publish a book,” she said with a laugh.

The book was put on the back burner when Hannah went on to work full-time in social media marketing and other little side hustles, as well as starting her own jewellery business called XO HANNAH, which frequents local markets.

Four years later, the time was now right to fulfill her dream.

“I don’t make much profit from the book but it’s something I wanted to do to spread joy, especially for the well deserving mums of the world.”

“The book is a little gift for mums. There’s a space where the kids can pop a picture of them with their mum and a space where they can write about why they love their mum. I dedicated this to my mum.

“It’s just mind blowing to think it’s been published. It’s really overwhelming that I can put it in my hands and say I’ve written this book!”

The 18-page read is filled with colourful and creative animal drawings by local illustrator Tinneale Fairey who captured the adorable scenes beautifully.

Hannah cleverly used pictures of animals to express the emotions of a loving Mum being wise like an owl, cuddly like a koala and encouraging curiosity like kitten with a ball of string.

Of course, Mum Tanya is Hannah’s biggest fan.

“She is over the moon. I wish I recorded her reaction when I showed her,” Hannah said.

“She is just so happy and so proud.

“Mum is my best friend, my number one supporter and any troubles I’ve got, I go to her. Without a doubt she is always there for me.

“It was just a book to show how grateful I am of her support and love and to express that she makes my world better every day.”

Hannah said she has received an overwhelming response from the community since publishing and thanks everyone for their support of her XO HANNAH business.

“I did a post on the community notice page on Facebook and the community has been so supportive, especially with XO HANNAH.

“I think the fact that they are seeing young people in the Fraser Coast community achieving such a great success is great!

“Many have been backing me, supporting me and buying my book.

“All my family and friends love it too and are so proud.”

Hannah has big plans for the future which include opening a shopfront on the Esplanade for her jewellery sales as well as publishing the sequels ‘Dear Dad, I Love You’, and ‘Dear Grandma, I Love You’.

The book is available to purchase at http://www.authorhannahwalker.square.site or at the XO HANNAH market stalls which are held most Saturdays at the Urangan Pier Market, 7am-12pm.