A precious gift

Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to our Life-Chat this month. I was happy to learn that the theme for December is ‘Giving’ because a friend recently gave me something very precious. It is gift that will last me for the remainder of my life and will never lose its preciousness. As you can imagine, this is a very valuable gift indeed. I hope you won’t mind if I share the details with you.

I had a tough time for a few months this year, and there’s something about having a tough time when you are usually the one who helps others, that makes it hard to admit there’s a problem. I was very reluctant to own up to the fact I was struggling. I did not want my friends and family to know that my old nemesis of anxiety had swamped me again like a king tide.

The insidious thing about anxiety (and I mention this because some readers will identify with what I am saying) is that it attacks our self-esteem. Confidence in our ability to live a sane, healthy and normal life, disappears. We feel inadequate, guilty, and so much less than our best self.

It was during this period that my dear friend Twila gave me my precious gift.

I had invited her to my place for a cuppa and some puppy-talk. While I struggled to put on a happy face, Twila knew that my tears were not far away, and finally I confessed to her that I was embarrassed and upset that I was unable to get on top of my feelings.

With eyes that held the kindness of eons, Twila said to me, “Michelle, I love you as my friend, not because of the work you do, not because of what you do for me, not because of how you look, but because you have a beautiful essence. I choose you as my friend because you are beautiful at your core, and nothing else matters. I love you for that.”

Twila continued with words that reassured me I would find a way back to myself because the real me was resilient and strong. She offered to take me out for coffee, for puppy-play dates and to stay in touch so that I felt her support in tangible, regular ways.

The gift she gave me was to restore my faith in myself. She helped me realise that despite my current anxiety and embarrassment, none of that defined me. She looked into my soul and found beauty there. How amazing was that? And how humble, grateful and restored I felt for the gift of her words and her presence in my life.

Twila was not the only earth-angel to help me out of those times. I am blessed with special people in my life, and I am back to my old self again now. I did seek some professional help, so if this story strikes a chord in you, please don’t hesitate to do the same. Life’s challenges test even those of us who are trained to help others, and as my doctor wisely asked me, “Don’t you think I ever get sick?”

My key message is this – sometimes, it is far more important to gift kindness and support than to give a present in colourful wrapping. Genuine words that reassure someone they are strong, wise, lovable, worthy, beautiful or courageous may be the most precious gift you can offer not just this season, but in every season. That’s my thought, anyhow.

Until next time, have a wonderful month.

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