Confessions of an emotional dresser

Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to November’s Life-Chat. This month I am exploring the energy of colour and whether, like me, you are an ‘emotional dresser.’ An emotional dresser chooses their clothing according to how they feel each day.

Let’s begin with a question.

Bring to mind the drawer or shelf that stores your underpants. What does it look like?

I have a female friend whose panties’ drawer is beautifully tidy. Not only is it tidy (undies folded neatly and stacked in rows), all her underwear is beige, white or black – actually, it’s mainly beige but there are a few white and black pieces for wearing when required.

I was a bit shocked by this discovery, that someone owned only neutral coloured underwear because my panties’ drawer looks like the wrappers of a chocolate box after all the chocolates have been eaten and those leftover wrappers have been tossed into a pile of colour. I mean, doesn’t everyone have flowers, hearts, spots, stripes, animal prints, and patterns on their undies? Doesn’t everyone have bright red, gorgeous pink, sky-blue, sunset orange and beautiful purple (to name a few) panties so they can choose what feels right for them each morning? Who wakes up and feels like, ‘It’s a beige day today’?

I am reluctant but also a little defiant to admit that my wardrobe follows the trend of my underwear. Again, I have several friends who dress reliably in neutral colours. They look great, by the way. I am not criticising their good fashion sense; I’m merely reflecting on my own lack of it.

My wardrobe features all the colours of the rainbow. It is entirely feasible that purple, pink, blue, green, orange, red and black might share the same blouse or skirt. That this blouse may look as though a three-year-old has tossed splotches of paint on it from across the room in no way detracts from its vibrancy and beauty. (In my eyes.)

My confession is that I am an emotional dresser. I am guided each day to wear the colours that I feel I need. Colour has energy and I believe that particular colours will help me in creating the right energy and mood for any occasion.

If I feel a bit low in energy, but need to dress conservatively for work, my underwear will be bright and colourful. Red is great for increasing confidence and giving me a boost. If I’ve had a rough night and my mind is whirling, I’ll select calming colours like green and blue to help settle my emotions for the day. I love purple anytime. It’s just a colour that feels right, particularly if I’m doing intuitive work, whereas if I’m feeling introverted, indigo or black is perfect for me.

I wonder how colour impacts you, and whether you use colour as a strategy to navigate your day? Connecting with colour in nature is a very powerful healing experience for me, and a worthy topic for another column. Until then, I hope that you have enjoyed our life-chat this month.

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Have a wonderful month,