Alluring lakes for barra fix

Written by Andrew Chorley

November sees the start of the closed Barramundi season until February 1. This means targeting Barramundi in tidal waters is off limits for anglers in Queensland. Luckily, we have some great stocked impoundments not too far away.

Lake Monduran and Lake Awoonga are certainly worth a look if you are after a barra fix.
As for the Bay, things are warming up and the pelagic scene is starting to really get going! The inshore reefs are also firing up so plenty on offer at the moment.


Jacks have been the most popular target species in the Burrum River. The warm weather has certainly switched them on, and they have been taking prawn imitations, paddle tail plastics and hard bodied lures.

Mullet fillets and live baits have been working well for bait fisherman.
For anglers looking for a feed of flathead trying the mangrove islands and black bank has seen a few turn up. Sand whiting have been reported with the full moon, with specimens up to 40cm coming in on live yabbies particularly at night.

Olivia caught this colourful coral trout caught off Hervey Bay recently.

Local Reefs

The shallow reefs off Point Vernon and Pialba have produced a few coral trout, cod and sweet lip. Trolling has worked on the trout with fresh baits also getting some attention. On the deeper reefs school mackerel have been taken on metal spoons and live herring. Golden trevally has also been about and are often a sporty bycatch while targeting reef species. Reef dwellers like sweetlip, cod and coral trout have also been reported.

Platypus Bay

Platypus Bay has seen a few school mackerel trickle in over the reefs and bait grounds. It won’t be long before we see spottys with their arrival due any day now. Sweetlip, scarlets and blackall have been reported coming in on baits fished on the bottom.

Wild Grounds

The wide grounds can be tough this time of year with the ever presence of menacing sharks. Working your spots quickly and constant moving about is the best way to get a feed and feed lee sharks. Coral trout, sweetlip, snapper, scarlets and various mackerels have been reported from the Southern gutters and reefs through the central bay

Urangan Pier

Big Queenfish to 110cm have been keeping anglers busy on the pier. The queenies have been taking live herring in the first and second channels. Flathead, bream and golden trevally have also been reported.

Sandy Strait

The Mary River has been fishing well in the upper reaches of late for threadfin salmon. The threadies have been caught on soft vibes and trolled hard bodied lures along with taking live baits. Grunter, flathead and bream have been reported from the mid-reaches of the Mary system with a few nice cod in the deeper holes around the mouth. In the Sandy Strait, mac tuna can be found in the channels with scarlets, sweetlip, cod and tusk fish coming in off the ledges.