Dating adventures

Written by Kim Harris

If you are looking for a little more adventure in the bedroom start the date off right with an activity to get the blood pumping, skin glowing and endorphins flowing.

Trying something new and challenging or getting out of your comfort zone, demonstrates vulnerability to your partner which is a great way to enhance connectivity and learn more about each other.

An activity that challenges offers opportunity to support each other, share, problem solve, laugh and praise each other. Add a little adventure to a date and see if sparks fly!

When asked if I would join Ray and learn to fly on a HOVER board at the idyllic Scarness Beach I was like “Um, YES”. I would not call myself a water sport kind of gal, but I am the kind of person who loves to try new things, challenge myself and have some fun.

Ray and I rocked up to the HOVER beach tent on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Greg was set up and ready to get us flying after an informal lesson and safety brief. I was a little nervous before we arrived, but Greg had a relaxed surfer like energy that was infectious. On my first go I went out with Greg; he was able to set me up and keep a close eye on things and offered lots of tips and encouragement.

Once on the board and engaging the throttle I could feel the power of the board, even on the lowest gear – this made me a little nervous but was also a rush. I cruised around the Bay bouncing over the waves, soaking up the sunshine and the atmosphere of the busy beach. Greg was never too far away but also wasn’t in my grill all the time which allowed me to feel the freedom of the water and go at my own pace. I didn’t get up on my first go and didn’t feel pressured to do so which I appreciated.

Ray was full of compliments when I returned to shore, I was beaming and ready to have break and see Ray try eFoiling. Ray was cautious at first, much like my attempt he cruised around finding his groove and learning the feel of the board and the handheld trigger throttle. By the end of Rays first attempt he visibly looked more relaxed, was cruising up on his knees and beaming from ear to ear.

Ray and I had a chance to chat together about our experiences, sharing highlights and pointers.

Greg was a super intuitive instructor. He can read what you are feeling and looking for in the experience. For us we just wanted a fun date together. Greg explained that every lesson is tailored to individually suit the person or group. “Kids as young as 10 can learn to eFoil, it is a popular school holiday activity or unique party idea”. Another person had arrived to join lessons – he was doing the experience as a surprise birthday gift from his wife.

I imagine the HOVER experience would make a great hen’s or bucks party event, with restaurants right near the launch site it would be easy to use the public showers and change rooms to spruce up a little and continue your party. Ray and I headed into Enzo’s after for oysters and a cocktail.

Ray and I went out together for the next attempt. Greg was always in the water with us… cruising around nearby making sure we were safe and guiding us on the safest passage to travel if we looked like we were straying. Ray and I felt like we had nailed the technical stuff on try 1, feeling more confident on the board. Ray was up on his knees in no time, it wasn’t long after he was standing up eFoiling and flying above the water, which resulted in some cool stacks!

There were some good laughs watching Ray get dunked and get back up grinning. I had a few stacks of my own and was able to get some air on this attempt. It was an exhilarating weightless feeling. Kind of like snowboarding or surfing but also uniquely different. After falling off a few times it made me realise there is nothing to fear which improved my confidence on the board.

Ray was nailing it! He was flying for longer periods of time and perfecting the skills, working on learning to corner and control the board effectively. He said that taking it slow and getting a feel of his body movements was key to the progress. “Once you find your feet and master the trigger then it feels ok to give it a bit more throttle”.

We were both super impressed with each other’s newly acquired skill and went back to shore like happy drowned rats. We all felt quite bonded after the shared experience and hung around to chat with Greg and the crew. Greg told us about his passion for the business and how he loved seeing all ages of people have a go and enjoying themselves.

Being a surfer, you could tell Greg loved being at the beach and sharing the experience with Hervey Bay locals and tourists. “Summer Holidays are hectic, we have sessions booked back-to-back all day, every day, it’s hard on the body being in the water all day but I love it”. HOVER Hervey Bay operates three tours a day, seven days a week.

Ray and I did 90 minutes which flew by fast. We would not have got as much enjoyment from 45 minutes I think, as our confidence and ability grew steadily and slowly. 45 minutes is available for those who want to have a shorter go or are already experienced. Greg and the HOVER team tailor make all experiences, so have a chat to see what suits your circumstances.

If you are looking to put together a date that will connect you both and make an impression, I can guarantee you this will get you both laughing, talking, and having a good time. Ray and I had an awesome experience. It was a day we won’t forget!

Happy adventuring.