A multitaskers dream

Written by Kate Manley

Here in Hervey Bay we are blessed not only with great weather all year round, but a nine kilometre esplanade with bike and walking tracks and many dedicated areas with exercise equipment in place.

Here is your opportunity to reconnect with the world around you by getting into your favourite exercise gear and runners, grabbing your headphones to listen to your playlist or a podcast and water bottle to take in the fresh air along the coast.

There is no better way to soak up some Vitamin D and make the most of a low-impact workout or a brisk walk to improve your overall health and outlook, and all this is right on your doorstep!

And while you are down on the esplanade, grab a coffee or call into some of the fabulous stores along the way. Check out the latest leisure wear, exercise gear, singlet tops, cotton jackets, tees, sunglasses, water bottles and sunscreens. Combining your daily fitness routine with some retail therapy has to be a multitaskers dream!

1. Ashleigh Manley ‘Esplanade’ prints.
2. Cotton singlet top and track pants
3. Bike pants, striped, with cotton tee
4. Cotton jacket with hood
5. Retro sunglasses
6. Track suit with pants and matching long-sleeved top with hood
7. Gross body bag for wallet, phone etc.