Behind the scenes of dunga

About 55 Dunga Derby teams have returned victorious from four days of climbing hills and navigating water crossings, driving through sand, mud and the dustiest of dirt roads in mostly sedans that were most definitely not made for the rally.

The incredibly hard-working teams have raised over $300,000 this year with more support still trickling in.

Since the inaugural event in 2015, the Dunga Derby has raised over $1.8 million which to date has gone to support over 146 Fraser Coast individuals or families through Rally for a Cause.

This is the reason that entrants not so much take part in the rally, but spend countless hours volunteering to host gala balls, comedy nights, bowls days, bus trips, high teas, raffles, and so much more throughout the year.

They give up their time to ensure that Fraser Coast locals doing it tough through sickness, disability, or death, have support in their greatest time of need.

The dunga itself, which was held from July 28 to 31, is a reward for the team’s hard work and an opportunity to let their hair down.

This is the reason these teams do what they do!

Meet seven-year-old Bryce who is one of RFAC’s 2022 recipients.

Bryce was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the highest care level possible.

RFAC Operations Manager Jess Lane said Bryce has several other disabilities and barriers, but one was able to be managed with a specially designed bicycle which was recently funded by Rally for a Cause.

“Having the bike means that he no longer needs to have a hip surgery because he is able to exercise safely, in a fun way to keep him strong,” Jess said.

“When children have multiple disabilities, every surgery brings extra risks and worries so being able to avoid a surgery is a major major win!

“Bryce’s family tried a number of avenues to get the bicycle funded and faced barriers every time, but this is where Rally for a Cause was able to contribute and help.”

Mum Robyn couldn’t be more grateful to Rally for a Cause and the teams who make a donation like this possible.

“A thank you is not enough for you good people making this happen for him,” Robyn said.
“It’s going to be the most used item he has. The benefits that this exercise will give him is literally life changing for him.

“This has saved him from having to have intense physio to work his muscles and correct his hip size difference and the need for a full hip replacement in the future.

“And it’s enjoyable for him instead of the tears I have to watch when he doesn’t want to do physio as it’s not fun being pushed and pulled even though it’s for his benefit.

“Bryce finally has something he can do as independently as possible and feel like he’s a normal child out enjoying his trike ride.

“If you are anywhere out along the Esplanade and you’re a part of Dunga Derby, please come and say hi to us as we will be out and about enjoying the sunshine and the exercise on the trike!

“Again, a huge thank you from Bryce and myself.”

The 2022 Dunga Derby was held from July 28 to 31.

To find out more about Rally for a Cause or to donate, visit