Whale Factor

Every July through to September, a mighty visitor returns to the Fraser Coast to stay awhile. The idyllic water temperatures, abundance of food and safe refuge for mothers and calves provide the perfect staycation for the Southern Humpback Whale migration along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

The return of the humpback is an exciting time for the region as the giant mammals don’t just pass by but stay in Fraser Coast waters for up to two weeks at a time to nurture and play with their offspring. The curious creatures often venturing up to whale-watching vessels offering personal unique encounters like nowhere else in the world.

Each year, to pay tribute to these majestic, gentle giants, the Fraser Coast community comes together to celebrate the beginning of the whale season and to welcome back the region’s most iconic animals with the highly anticipated, Hervey Bay Whale Festival.

The family friendly, Hervey Bay Whale Festival will take place from the 29th – 31st of July in 2022, across various locations in Hervey Bay this year.

Community favourites include the impressive Whale Parade and Family Day celebrations on Saturday, 30 July. Along with the Paddle Out for Whales taking place on Sunday, 31 July at Torquay Jetty and Ernie Organ Park, Torquay. Participants paddle out into the shallow, turquoise waters on their stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and floatation devices. Participants band together as they share a moment of silence in recognition of the importance the ocean and whales have on the Fraser Coast and to the world.

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