Your time to shine

Written by Kirsty Chenery

I have to chuckle to myself as I sit down to write an article about super mums for Mother’s Day.

Oh, the Irony! I have been wondering all day about how I will find the time to finish yet another task in my busy day. Where do we find the time? How do we get all those things done every single day?

Somehow, we do. That is what makes us super mums! I think one of the most amazing gifts I have ever been given is motherhood. It has taught me selflessness, unconditional love and how to give to myself so that I can give more to my child (and everyone else around me).

That may seem contradictory, to be selfless yet give to yourself but that has been my biggest lesson as a mother.

Being a mother is a full-time job. Add a career and a side of a guilt (for never doing enough, being there enough, add in whatever your “not enough” is), not forgetting being a full-time housekeeper, cook, friend etc. and there you have a super mum.

Here is the best kept secret to being a super mum though. To function at an optimal level and grow as a person you need to take time out for yourself. Super Mums are aware of the significance of taking care of their health, their mental health and their own needs.

I have lost count in my career as a therapist how many women have said to me, “I never do these things for myself”, yet after having a treatment always comment on how much better they feel for doing something for themselves that has made them feel good.

Something just for them. I hear it on a daily basis, and it always makes me feel a little sad that they feel too busy, undeserving or are just always putting others first. You deserve to be nourished, looked after, and spoilt too.

Here at Mineral Earth Wellness Spa, we are the masters at looking after you! We would love for you to visit us, spend some time and nurture you.

Whether you a mother or not, everyone deserves a bit of me time and we are here to look after you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those amazing mothers out there, those that didn’t get the chance to be mother’s and those that are mother’s to others who may not be their own. You are all very special.