The kind fighter

Written by Kim Harris

Mayor George Seymour very graciously joined me to make an ANZAC wreath and discuss community spirit ahead of Anzac Day on April 25.

This edition of Home Projects is huge! We embrace community spirit and honour Anzac Day, plus the remarkable leadership shown by Mayor Seymour during the recent floods.

The Mary River flowed into Maryborough homes and businesses, tragically leaving many with nothing.

We won’t forget the gallant effort and fighting spirit shown by the volunteers who worked tirelessly to save these homes and businesses.

A wreath is a creative and enjoyable way to show your spirit, and as a bonus it will make your home smell delightful.

I hope George and I inspire you to make your own!

It’s an ideal DIY project to try in the school holidays.

There’s lots to get through, so let’s dive in!

Having a chat over a craft project is a great way to connect with people, something flows – busy hands and a common goal. When creative neurons are firing, conversations can come with ease. It’s an effective tool for chatting with children about tricky subjects or your local mayor!

Mayor Seymour has an energetic spirit that reveals enthusiasm for everything. I suppose this energy is what got George elected.

He has won over Fraser Coast residents with trust and a hands-on, can-do, genuine approach.

I was inspired by his Facebook live feeds during the recent floods. Videos from the flooding bridges, building the Maryborough levy, roadside and riverside, showed us a politician committed to the community with a sincerity to help in any way he could.

George believes that a community spirit is all about empathy, understanding and looking after each other. Pitching in when needed. He believes that the biggest message we can take from the floods is that everyone has a role to play.

George emphasised the importance and dedication of the volunteers. The Red Cross, SES and many more.

He admired the noble efforts of those fighting the floods while their own homes were at risk or flooded. He acknowledged the volunteer who broke her leg in service to others and the vital support that volunteers bring in times like these. “It wouldn’t all be possible without the volunteers help”.

I invited George to suggest what we can do to be more community minded.

“Look for ways to help” “Sign up, get involved”, was his answer.

He explained that by putting your hand up to work at the local sporting canteen, your children’s school, or anything like that, you can be part of that connection that forms the community spirit.

George worked at the youth shelter in Hervey Bay, where he learned to never make assumptions on people’s circumstances. Many are disadvantaged through situations hard for most of us to understand. I observed an empathic Mayor who admitted he had a good life and upbringing but understands the struggles many residents face every day.

The mayor is appreciative of the ANZAC spirit. The day is about understanding the public service those who serve offer us all, as well as the sacrifices endured. He finds joy in seeing local children marching in the ANZAC day parade and taking part in ceremony with older residents.

What makes our mayor feel ALIVE?

He said it was public service, understanding and seizing the rare opportunity of supporting people, making positive changes and helping wherever he can. George understands that he won’t be Mayor forever and must take advantage of every chance to serve, help and offer something to the community.

I believe we are fortunate to have him fighting for the Fraser Coast. Head over to the mayors’ socials to see what he is up to and how you can get involved.

INSTAGRAM: @geo_seymour Facebook: George Seymour – Fraser Coast

Thank you to Mayor Seymour, our armed services, nurses, ANZACS, volunteers, Lara at Bay Flowers and Gifts, and all those who share kindness on their way through life.


A wreath ring: Available at spotlight $8.00
Floristry or craft wire: $5.00
Wire Cutters: Lara from Bay Flowers and Gifts warned: “Don’t use your kitchen scissors, they will never be the same again!”
Foliage: Camelia, Gum leaves and Lemon Myrtle leaves used, they are representative of glory and victory.
Rosemary Springs for Remembrance: We used long stems from my garden
Purple Ribbon: Symbolic as the colour of mourning, spirituality and ceremony. You can purchase printed ‘Lest we forget’ ribbon and all the fresh flowers and foliage you require from The Bay Flowers and Gifts, located at Fraser Shores shopping complex. Unprinted purple ribbon from craft store is an easy and affordable option.
Red Poppies: For the sacrifice of shed blood. One poppy for each armed service; Navy, Army, Air force. Mayor Seymour suggested we use a 4th poppy to represent the nursing/medical units.
Flowers: Our Project has 3 Banksia feature flowers. Using an odd number is a commonly used design trick. You could opt for bottlebrush, wattle, grevillea, gum nuts, kangaroo paw or whatever you have available in your garden.

The personal commemoration is made by simply wiring your foliage and flowers in place, starting with your largest flowers first and finishing with the poppies. Clumping foliage into small bunches before applying can create body and dimension to your wreath. Remember it’s supposed to fun!
Lara and the team at Bay Flowers and Gifts located are on standby to help you with flowers, foliage and advice.

Once flowers and foliage wither, strip back your wreath, leaving you with a clean wreath ring ready to use for another occasion like Christmas, Halloween or even a birthday celebration.