Pathways to success beyond school at St Mary’s College Maryborough

Written by Shaun Ryan

Equipping students with the necessary skills and resources so that they’re ready for life after Year 12 and combining them with real life experience is a central focus of St Mary’s College Maryborough.

The College’s successful pathways program is designed to ensure students have access to a variety of experiences and exposure to different industries and academic fields alike.

The school’s Pathways leader, Mark Sealey said St Mary’s College Maryborough has a number of strong links with TAFE Qld, USC, CQU and UQ and other accredited organisations.

Mr Sealey said this places St Mary’s students on the front foot when it comes to making important decisions on their careers, training and study opportunities.

“Some 15 students gained early entry to the university of their choice last year. Multiple other students took part in university headstart programs,” he said.

But getting into a position where a school student can make an informed decision about the career they might want to follow after school isn’t always a straightforward one.

Teenagers who are still learning about life, their own interests and passions and might not know what is the best fit for them while still at school.

For this reason, St Mary’s conducts a work experience program in Year 10 that is supported through the senior years during school holidays.

Mr Sealey said students who require learning support can also access weekly work preparation sessions through Mylestones.

TAFE taster programs in trades and health as well as networking sessions and university showcases and presentations with Jobs Fraser Coast are also regulars on the school calendar.

“School-based apprenticeships and traineeships are also offered,” Mr Sealey continued.

A dedicated Pathways Centre with a School Officer and Head of Learning and Teaching positions are in place to assist and support students as they plan for life outside the school gates.

Modified timetables allow cert students to catch up classwork and cert work. This means students involved in the pathways programs don’t fall behind in any other aspect of their regular school requirements.

“The pathways program provides students with a chance to pursue their interests and helps set achievable goals for their future endeavours,” Mr Sealey concluded.

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St Mary’s is located at 51 Lennox Street, Maryborough, 4650.

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