Power & money

Written by Kodie Axelsen

Money=Power. It’s an age old statement. But does it ring true? I think money helps create empowerment because money can give you options. The option to buy that house, buy that car or go on that holiday. You automatically relate it to this ‘loaded’ lifestyle but what about the basics.

We have an issue of homelessness at this very moment. Had these people have had money they could have purchased themselves a home or paid higher rent to gain a roof over their heads.

Obviously that is a very blanket statement leaving the nitty gritty behind but the message is there.

If you have experienced having nothing or coming close to having nothing you would understand the options that having money can bring you. In domestic violence situations women can have trouble leaving as they cannot afford to do so for many reasons. Money buys us food, clothing, a home for ourselves and our children. I’m talking basic necessities. It is a tool used to progress in the world which takes me back to the money=power statement.

You could almost class it as a fact. With the pandemic we have seen people let their morals and their right over their body take a backseat because they require their job to keep their income to protect their families. That is how important this commodity is.

Now more than ever in this technological world we have so many ways to build a second income stream, even more so doing something that we love over choosing just ‘whatever job we can get’. I’ve seen what having nothing can do. It can affect your confidence, your worth, your mental health.

We rely on it so heavily for survival in this world that not having it can be so detrimental that it can cause an end of life situation. It’s why I write this column to teach people the importance of money, the options it can bring you and the independence it can afford you if you can harness it correctly. It is used as an exchange on a daily basis. It can be used and it can be abused. My question to you is how can you afford not to harness the power of money?