Let them love your brand

Written by Marta Hackett

People need connections more than ever. They want to build a relationship with you and connect with your business like a friend. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to learn about your customers and deliver their needs. Knowing your customers’ needs and desires will help you serve them and let them love your brand. Here are a couple of ways you can learn more about them:

Explore demographics & psychographics

Age, gender, lifestyle, occupation, income, what magazines they would LOVE to read and even what they would DREAD to read. Festivals they would attend. Even their hair colour. Be specific.

Emotion is the highest driver for connection

First impressions matter, how do you want your brand to make people feel? Stronger emotions evoked always equal a deeper connection.


List the emotions you would love people to feel when using your product or engaging in services. Now you can reverse engineer your brand messaging and hone marketing efforts.

E.g. if you want people to feel ‘cared for’ then you can add a new policy within your business that provides an extra level of care to all new customers with high levels of customer service or even a genuine gift.

Now create a list of the actions you want your customers to take when they come across your business. E.g. sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product, enrol in a course and more. Make it as specific as possible. If you have more than one list each one.

These little actionable exercises will give you a clear, pocket sized road map for developing your branding and marketing efforts.

Empathy is key

People need to feel heard and understood. Discover the pain points of your ideal customers and let them know you hear them! Paint a picture of how they feel, what they deal with and your unique solutions. This builds connection and a genuine foundation of trust.

Have self-sovereignty & conviction

This attracts those with similar values and can even build a community. Don’t fear pushing people away who do not share the same values as you. They may not be your target audience and are better suited for someone else. Your perfect customers are abundant and out there looking for you! Free yourself of misaligned relationships so that you can make space to welcome new clients and customers.

If you have any burning questions, send me a DM! I’d love to help.